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Associate Researcher

Maria Inês Gameiro

research interests


Short Bio

PhD Graduate at Law School - New University of Lisbon and researcher at DINÂMIA'CET-IUL. She holds a M.A. in Political Sciences (Catholic University) and a Law degree (Law School - University of Lisbon). Her main research interest is how new developments in science and technology are generating tensions in law and public policy. Specifically, her research focuses on law of the sea, food law and the conflicts between the new technological developments and fundamental rights.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

The development of the connection between science and law, which constitutes the core of the present scientific project, will take place around two concrete and paradigmatic case studies: - In the law of the sea, specifically concerning the legal regime for marine scientific research and the development of marine biotechnology;- In food law and novel foods, particularly in the area of biotechnologies and the impact of science in food and feed.Both cases, which also include environmental law and fundamental rights, can establish fruitful connections with other scientific domains of the D’C, including economy and geography.

Link to DINÂMIA'CET-IUL identifying mission:

The interplay between science and law – both in the field of the law of the sea and food law – constitutes one of the societal challenges of growing importance and an area where transdisciplinarity reveals itself in the different regulatory challenges that call for the fields of economy, geography, environment and governance, in addition to the main field of law.Both subjects reflect the sustainable development goals – particularly goals 12 and 14, specifically included in the scientific policy targets and in the scientific employment stimulus call – and both are linked to the same general framework: the impact of science in law and the new challenges that it creates.

Main publications

GAMEIRO, Maria Inês (2014), “Some reflections on bioprospecting: Portugal as a case study”, SOBRINO HEREDIA, J.M. (Dir.), La contribution de la Convention des Nations Unies sur le Droit de la Mer à la bonne gouvernance des mer et océans, Napoli: Editoriale Scientifica.

GONÇALVES, Maria Eduarda; GAMEIRO, Maria Inês (2014), "Does the Centrality of Values in the Lisbon Treaty Promise More Than It Can Actually Offer? EU Biometrics Policy as a Case Study", European Law Journal 20, 1: 21 - 33.

GONÇALVES, Maria Eduarda; GAMEIRO, Maria Inês (2012), "Security, privacy and freedom and the EU legal and policy framework for biometrics", Computer Law & Security Review 28, 3: 320 - 327.

Main projects

Value Isobars - The Landscape and Isobars of European Values in Relation to Science and New Technology (projecto financiado no âmbito do 7º Programa-Quadro da União Europeia)

Last update

23 de maio de 2023
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