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Assistant Researcher

Maria Amélia Cabrita

research interests

Architecture, Urbanism, Urban Morphology, Contexts of urban, geographic, historical, cultural and anthropological phenomena.

Short Bio

Architect by ESBAL, 1978. In a liberal profession, she developed projects in the schoolarship, social, paramilitary and housing areas. Currently with civil service reform, where she developed professional activity in the Direction of Infrastructures, Portuguese Air Force. Master's Degree in Architecture, ISCTE, 2008. Joined the ISCTE / FCSH Doctorate in Urban Studies, with the thesis project "The Economic Houses Program - the neighborhoods of Lisbon (1933-1950): morphology and contexts ". With Teresa Marat-Mendes, her mentor, she develops interest and research in the area of Urban Morphology, participating in international conferences and publishing articles in co-authorship and authorship.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

Our scientific project is centered on housing, looking for conditions and reasons of its development during dictatorship, between 1933 and 1970. Social, economic and political contexts are investigated, the target is to demonstrate the relationships and paradox of the Salazar regime, witch has some paralel with other situatios, namely in Spain. But the related thematics, namely the social solution of the single house and the problem of habitat/ housing are also important for the present research.

Link to DINÂMIA'CET-IUL identifying mission:

Housing is a researching field with many opotunities of intervention, when the problem is now beeing set on diferent and new  conditions. DC must have de mission to  contribute to debate and reflexion about the problems, but to share the results of our research is important for that task and we intend to contribute so.

Main publications

Marat-Mendes, T., Cabrita, M.A (2015) O Estudo da Forma Urbana pela Arquitetura em Portugal, in Oliveira,V., Marat-Mendes T., Pinho P. (2015) O Estudo da Forma Urbana em Portugal. Universidade do Porto Edições, Porto

Cabrita, M.A. (2015) ‘Portuguese Social Housing under Dictatorship. A Morphological Analysis of Some Residential Agglomerations in Lisbon (1933-1950)’ . Conference Proceeding, Symposium „Urban design and dictatorship in the 20th century: Italy, Portugal, the Soviet Union, Spain and Germany. History and Historiography“. Weimar, 21.-22. November 2013

Marat-Mendes, T., Cabrita, M.A (2015) Morfologia Urbana em Portugal: percurso e visibilidade Paper presented at the Second Conference of the Portuguese Network on Urban Morphology, PNUM 2012-Morfologia Urbana nos Países Lusófonos, held in ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon, Portugal.

Main projects

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23 de maio de 2023
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