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Integrated Researcher

Lídia Fernandes

research interests

work, (un)employment, social movements, conflict and collective action

Short Bio

PhD Sociology student - Labour relations, social inequality and unionism, at the Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra (Since 2012), studies the “Collective Action of the Unemployed”. She has got master’s degree in Psychology (Minho University, 1998) and in Sociology (ISCTE, 2011). Besides work, (un)employment policies, social movements, conflict and colective action, her interests include the themes of social inequalities considering the categories of class, gender and ethnicity; immigration policies and cultural diversity; feminisms; marxism; movement-relevant theory; participatory-action-research. She has been taking part in several social and civic feminists, anti-xenophobia, anti-austerity and housing rights movements (at national and international level).

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

Main publications

Dias, H. & Fernandes, L. (2016), “The November 2012 general strike and anti-austerity protests – analysis from the Portuguese case”, in Workers of the World - International Journal on Strikes and Social Conflicts, I (8): July 2016.

Fernandes, L. (2015), “Os protestos anti austeridade e o conflito em torno do desemprego”, in International Journal on Working Conditions (IJWC), 10: December 2015.

Fernandes, L. (2014), “Desemprego, fator de conflito ou de exclusão?”, In Cabo dos Trabalhos, n. 10, 2014.

Fernandes, L. (2011), Desemprego e acção colectiva: um estudo exploratório, Dissertação de Mestrado, Lisboa: ISCTE.

Fernandes, L., (2010), "Classe, género e etnia nas desigualdades sociais", In Maria José Magalhães, Manuela Tavares, Salomé Coelho, Manuela Góis e Elisa Seixas (Coord.), Quem tem medo dos feminismos? Actas do congresso feminista 2008 (Vol. I), Funchal: Nova Delphi Editora, pp. 133-147

Main projects

The collective bargaining and representativeness of temporary workers in Europe. Development and reinforcement of Industrial Relations Systems in response to changes in the European labour market (2014-2016)

Financial sector and well-being: a participatory reflection. Project Financialization, Economy, Society and Sustainable Development – FESSUD WP5 – Task 5.6, Portugal (2016)

Análise da evolução das políticas de imigração em Portugal, desde 1974, no âmbito do projecto "Regularization as One of the Tools for the Fight against Irregular Migration". Association for Integration and Migration in cooperation with Organisation for Aid to Refugees and Multicultural Centre Prague (2010)

Last update

23 de maio de 2023
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