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Assistant Researcher

Jorge da Rosa Neves

research interests

Urbanism: Projective Dialectic between Architecture and Landscape Architecture. The Bairro de Alvalade, as a space for professional affirmation of Landscape Architecture in Portugal.

Short Bio

Graduated in landscape architecture (UTL / ISA) in 1993, currently holds public functions at the CM of Odivelas, where elaborates and coordinates urban redevelopment projects.Since 1993 has collaborated with architectural and engineering firms in the elaboration of projects for urban subdivision operations, hotel units, secondary schools, wastewater treatment plants and of spaces of ecological sensitivity.In 1999, designed the exterior spaces of "Escola EB 2,3 e Ensino Artístico de Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira Island", 1st proposal classified in Public Competition.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

The Alvalde Neighborhood constrution district between 1945 and 1970 (25 years) generated an important architectural and urban heritage, a testimony of the transition between the New State architecture and the architecture influenced by the Modern Movement. This transition period coincided with the professional and social affirmation of landscape architecture in Portugal. This combination resulted in multiple typologically different urban spaces, making Alvalde Neighborhood  a case study, par excellence, for the investigation of the interdisciplinary relationship between architecture and landscape architecture in Portugal.   Thus, the research aims to complement the architectural, urban and social knowledge of the neighborhood, interpreting its Green Structure as the result of the social and professional dynamics that guided the interdisciplinary relationship between the two arts, within the scope of liberal professional practice and service of the cause which will have been decisive for the specificity of its urban space in the context of the city. 

Main publications

"Logradouros do Montepio Geral. Heranças e Contextos na Avenida Alferes Malheiro e na Estrutura Verde do Bairro de Alvalade (1940-1970" /Article co-authored by Professor Paulo Tormenta Pinto and sumited to the magazina "Cities, Communities and Territories on August 4, 2018)

"Projectual Dialectics. The contributions of Bairro de Alvalade to the Green Structure of the City of Lisbon "(article co-authored by Professor Paulo Tormenta Pinto publishef on 36/Jun-2018 magazine "Cities, Communities and Territories" on July 8, 2017)

"The Paço do Lumiar. Asset Values. Interpretation of the Landscape and Proposal for Revitalization ", 1993. (Final Degree Work, available at the National Library of Portugal and at the Library of the Higher Institute of Agronomy)

Main projects

Neighborhood of Alvalade. Dialogue Space (s) between Architectures. | Thesis

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23 de maio de 2023
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