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Associate Researcher

Joana Catela

research interests

Anthropology; Ethnography; Vulnerability; Urban Studies; Housing

Short Bio

Joana Catela obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Social Anthropology at FCSH-NOVA, a Master’s degree in Latin American Studies at the University of Cambridge and a Post- Graduate certificate in Anthropology of Health from ISCTE-IUL. In 2018 Joana was awarded a PhD in Anthropology also at ISCTE-IUL for her thesis entitled “On the margins and in transit: mental health and good intentions in an IPSS in the suburbs of Lisbon”. This research was based on intensive fieldwork at a rehabilitated neighbourhood in Lisbon. Joana Catela joined ICS as a Post-Doctoral Researcher in from 2018 to 2019 to support the third phase of project “exPERts”.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

Main publications

“I Don’t Have the Nerve to Tell These People That I Cannot Help Them!”: Vulnerability, Ethnography, and Good Intentions

“Lending a hand”: the well-intentioned work of a non-profit organisation on the outskirts of neoliberal Lisbon

Main projects

SPLACH – Spatial Planning for Change (POCI­01­145­FEDER­16431).

Last update

23 de maio de 2023
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