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Assistant Researcher

Joana Braga

research interests

Urban Studies, Urban imagineries; situated urban practices; commons; cultural practices within city development.

Short Bio

Joana Braga is an architect and researcher. She has developed work at diferent territories, intertwining spatial, discursive, performative and pedagogical practices with the design of radical urban imaginaries. Her research focus on the political and social dimensions of the city, questioning both the fragmentation and the growing inequality of urban space. Braga is currently a Phd candidate in Architecture at ISCTE-IUL; member of DINAMIA’CET and GESTUAL (FA-UL). Braga is coordinator, curator and artist at the project TOPIAS URBANAS (urban topias), a commission from Maria Matos Municipal Theatre; member of baldio | performance studies, where she develops curating, editing and pedagogical practices. Graduated in 2005 from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Lisbon (FAUL), she holds a Post-graduate degree in Bioclimatic Architecture at the same University (2012).

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

Main publications

Braga, Joana. 2016. “Recognizing Difference and Claiming Political Agency over The Urban Space: Social Spatial Practices at Terras da Costa, South of Lisbon” in Working Papers Series Contested Cities. ISSN 2341- 2755. WPCC-165028

Braga, Joana. 2015. "Participatory Aesthetics and Makeshift Urbanism: cases of Guimarães, Cova do Vapor and Terras da Costa". In Karin Shankar and Kirsten Larson (ed.) Participatory Urbanisms: an anthology. São Francisco: University of Califórnia Press; 129-146.

Braga, Joana; Lages, Joana; Veiga, Inês. "Quinta da Vitória, making the invisible, visible: an experience on socially engaged pubic art". In Public Art: place, contexto, participatiion. (no prelo)

Main projects

'Espaço Relacional e a promoção do direito à cidade. Pesquisa experimental na Cova da Moura, Área Metropolitana de Lisboa', EXPL/ATP-EUR/1772/2012

Last update

23 de maio de 2023
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