Integrated Researcher (without Phd)

Frederico Pinheiro

research interests

Aviation, Transports, Airlines, Airports, Public Policies, Political Economy, Media, Journalism, Agenda-Setting, Propaganda, Tax Law, History of Economic Ideas

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Short Bio

I made my BA in Communication Sciences, then a MA in Economy and Public Policies, a Postgraduation in Tax Law and now i'm developing my PhD in Political Economy and a BA in Economics.


My professional career has been between journalism and political advisory. Currently I'm Advisor to the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing.


I've two little children.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

Main publications

Frederico Pinheiro - Diretor Revista Manifesto - nºs 2, 3 e 4

Pinheiro, Frederico (2013), "Wir woller unser leben zuruck", Rosa Luxemburg-Stiftung

Main projects

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22 de junho de 2021