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Integrated Researcher (without Phd)

Frederico Pinheiro

research interests

Aviation, Transports, Airlines, Airports, Public Policies, Political Economy, Media, Journalism, Agenda-Setting, Propaganda, Tax Law, History of Economic Ideas

Short Bio

I made my BA in Communication Sciences, then a MA in Economy and Public Policies, a Postgraduation in Tax Law and now i'm developing my PhD in Political Economy and a BA in Economics.


My professional career has been between journalism and political advisory. Currently I'm Advisor to the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing.


I've two little children.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

Main publications

Frederico Pinheiro - Diretor Revista Manifesto - nºs 2, 3 e 4

Pinheiro, Frederico (2013), "Wir woller unser leben zuruck", Rosa Luxemburg-Stiftung

Pinheiro, Frederico (2017), "Perceber as notícias", em Matos, José Nuno et al, "A crise do jornalismo em Portugal", Deriva

Pinheiro, Frederico (2014), "Out of the Trap", Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Pinheiro, Frederico (2014), "Compreender a realidade: os factores explicativos das notícias", dissertação de mestrado

Main projects

Last update

30 de junho de 2022
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