Integrated Phd Researcher

Elisabete Tomaz

research interests

Development policy; cultural studies; urban policies

Short Bio

Research assistant at DINAMIA, ISCTE-IUL (Research Group Cities and Territories).Ph.D. student in the Department of Sociology and Public Policies of ISCTE-IUL. The research project was funded by FCT.At the same time, she participated in the COST ACTION IS 1007 “Investigating Cultural Sustainability” and collaborated with INTELI (a center of innovation in Lisbon) on several European and municipal councils’ projects in ​​territorial development, urban planning and innovation policies.She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Design (Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon) and a Master in Communication Sciences (Faculty of Human Sciences, Portuguese Catholic University).

research project at dinâmia'cet-IUL

CREATOUR is an incubator/demonstration and multidisciplinary  research initiative, supporting collaborative research processes. The  three-year project aims to connect the cultural /creative and tourism  sectors through the development of an integrated research and  application approach to catalyzing creative tourism in small cities and  rural areas throughout Portugal.

Link to DINÂMIA'CET-IUL identifying mission:

This project is in line with the knowledge developed within DINAMIA in terms of public policies in the area of ​​culture and creativity. The initiatives developed throughout the project also contribute to greater understanding and a more reliable picture of the cultural and creative sector, especially in small towns and rural areas. It is also intended to develop new methods to evaluate, in a holistic and multidimensional way, the impacts of creative tourism pilot projects that have joined this project in various regions of the country that cross the cultural, tourism and development aspects.This knowledge can not only participate in the construction of scientific knowledge and possibly in political recommendations, but also to base new projects in the department.

Tomaz, E. (2015) “Culture in Development Strategies of Small and Medium-sized European Cities: A Comparative Analysis” in Dragisevic-Sesic, M.; Duxbury, N.; Hristova, S. (ed.) Culture and Sustainability of European Cities: Imagining Europolis, Routledge.

Main publications

Tomaz, E. (2013) “Políticas de desenvolvimento e cultura em pequenas e médias cidades europeias: Questões metodológicas na análise comparativa de estudos de caso. CIES e-Working Paper Nº 148/2013

Selada, C.; Cunha, I.; Tomaz, E. (2012) “Creative-Based Strategies in Small and Medium-sized Cities: Key Analysis Dimensions” Quaestiones Geographicae, 31(4), Versita, Warsaw, 43-51.

Selada, C.; Cunha, I.; Tomaz, E. (2011) “Creative-based strategies in small cities: A case-study approach” Redige, Edição Especial: Economia Criativa, 2 (2).

Main projects

COST ACTION IS 1007 “Investigating Cultural Sustainability” (2011–2015)


ATLANTIC IMAGINE (2nd phase, European Interreg IV B Program 2013-2014)

CREATIVE CLUSTERS in Low Density Urban Areas (European URBACT II Program 2008-2010)

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