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Integrated Researcher

Eduardo Medeiros

research interests

Evaluation of EU Cohesion Policy, Territorial Cohesion, Territorial Cooperation, Territorial Impact Assessment, Integrated Urban Development Strategies, Territorial Development

Short Bio

Eduardo Medeiros is a Geography Professor and Researcher in DINAMIA'CET-IUL, Lisbon University, Portugal. He has a Ph.D. in Geography - Regional and Urban Planning, and has more than 20 published papers in international journals, eight books and nine book chapters. He is a DG REGIO expert and a Horizon 2020 evaluator. He has coordinated several international policy evaluation projects. He was invited as a project adviser and to write reports by DG REGIO. He was already invited to be a keynote speaker by several International Universities and EU institutions (European Commission and Committee of the Regions). He is part of the scientific and editorial committee of some journals and a peer reviewer of more than 20 international journals.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

The advantages associated with the implementation of integrated urban sustainable approaches for urban development have been recognized for a long time. Similarly, the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development recognizes the need to promote a more ‘integrated and sustainable human settlement planning and management in all countries’, as a crucial step to improving the quality of life of citizens. Indeed, this policy integrated approach has been experimented, since the mid-1990s, through several EU policy initiatives. Only recently (2014), however, the EU has launched a specific instrument for supporting ‘Integrated Strategies for Sustainable Urban Development (ISSUD) for around 750 European cities. In this context, our project proposal aims to fill a gap in existing policy evaluation methodologies, by proposing to design, test and apply a tailor-made policy evaluation framework specifically designed to assess the main effects of the ISSUD, namely in the Lisbon Metropolitan area. In the end, this study intends to provide policy recommendations on how to improve the efficiency of urban policies with the goal of achieving a more inclusive and sustainable urbanisation.

Link to DINÂMIA'CET-IUL identifying mission:

DINÂMIA’CET – IUL has one research group named ‘Cities and Territories’ with the goal to promoting research on spatial planning, territorial governance, and urban morphology and sustainability. This research group places a concrete research emphasis in unveiling the territorial dimensions of contemporary socioeconomic, environmental and cultural change, and on framing them in the scope of the action towards the promotion of multidimensional sustainable development processes. Clearly, our research plan to analysing Integrated Strategies for Sustainable Urban Development fits properly within this goal, since it is focused on territorial/urban development and sustainable development processes. Additionally, it has a vast track record in participating in international research projects.

Main publications

Medeiros E. (2017) From Smart Growth to European Spatial Planning: a new paradigm for EU Cohesion Policy post-2020, European Planning Studies, 25(10): 1856-1875.

Medeiros, E. (2017) Cross-border cooperation in Inner Scandinavia: A Territorial Impact Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 62(2017):147–157.

Medeiros, E. (2017) European Union Cohesion Policy and Spain: a territorial impact assessment, Regional Studies, 51(8): 1259-1269,

Medeiros, E. (2013) Euro-Meso-Macro: The new regions in Iberian and European Space, Regional Studies, 47(8): 249-1266,

Medeiros, E. (2011) (Re)defining the concept of Euroregion, European Planning Studies, 19 (1): 141-158,

Main projects

Medeiros, E., et al. (2016-2017) - ESPON Target analysis - 'Comparative Analysis of Territorial Governance and Spatial Planning Systems in Europe'- (ESPON Tender 2015/S 239-434218) | Role: Project Member - National Expert

Medeiros, E. et al. (2016-2017) - DG REGIO - European Commission - Study of the territorial strategies supported by EU territorial tools (sustainable urban development under Art. 7 ERDF, ITI and CLLD when related to SUD) Service Request Nr 2015CE160AT041. | Role: Project Member - National Expert

Medeiros, E. et al. (2016) - DGREGIO - European Commission - Collecting solid evidence to assess the needs to be addressed by Interreg cross-border cooperation programmes. Service Request Nr 2015CE160AT044. | Role: Project Advisor for the European Commission

Medeiros, E. (2015-2016) - DGREGIO - European Commission - Analysis of the results of DG REGIO’s online public consultation on ‘Overcoming obstacles in border regions. CCI no. 2015CE160AT045. | Role: Project Rapporteur. As DG REGIO Expert

Medeiros, E. (2016) - 20 Years of INTERREG-A in Inner Scandinavia | Role: Project Coordinator

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