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Assistant Researcher

Carolina Henriques

research interests

Anthropology, Urban Studies, Social Innovation, Hybrid Cities, Utopian Studies

Short Bio

With a BSc in Anthropology (2012) from FCSH-UNL and a MSc in Urban Studies (2014) from ISCTE-IUL, Carolina Henriques is currently developing her research on which she will ground a PhD in Urban Studies.The final master’s dissertation Towards a Hybrid City: Rethinking Aarhus through an Institute for (X) was developed in cooperation with Aarhus University which hosted the necessary fieldwork for its concretization. This project was a first exploration of new horizons in the field of temporary urbanism as an agent for change and producer of resilience mechanisms.This researcher was a Research Assistant for the project Rester en (Centre) Ville, at DINAMIA’CET.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

This doctoral research aims to study the logics behind the production of transdisciplinary knowledge, reflecting upon its implications in the development of Urban Studies in Portugal. At a moment when the urban population grows rapidly at a global scale, this thematic area has been called to develop a transdisciplinary agenda to facilitate reflections around societal wicked problems, complex in nature, and to propose new public policy. Despite the misleading conceptual singularity of the term "transdisciplinarity", we can identify two approaches representative of different paradigmatic visions: one grounded in complexity theory that calls for a new spirituality and another, grounded on the Mode 2 society model, that promotes the co-production of knowledge for joint problem-solving. This research proposes a sociologic inquiry of these transdisciplinary logics in urban research and intervention aiming to contribute to the development of a scientific agenda that adequately responds to the challenges of Portugals urban reality.

Link to DINÂMIA'CET-IUL identifying mission:

DINAMIA'CET-IULs new strategic goals focus on promoting studies about new methodological approaches and on fostering a deep understanding of the diversity of logics, processes and actors that are a key part of social change. This research is aligned with these strategic goals by proposing a study about the conditions in which transdisciplinary knowledge is produced, whenever oriented for urban research and intervention, in Portugal.

Main publications

Henriques, C. (2016) Assembling the hybrid city: A critical reflection on the role of an Institute for (X) for a new urbanity in Redefining Art Worlds in the Late Modernity (pp. 253-270) Porto, Faculdade de Letras

Henriques, C. (2012) Is the European Union Ready for the Roma? In International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Vol. 2 No. 22

Main projects

RESTER EN (CENTRE)-VILLE. Résistance et résilience de la ville ordinaire dans quatre quartiers de villes capitales : Paris, Lisbonne, Bruxelles, Vienne

Last update

23 de maio de 2023
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