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Andrea Pavoni

research interests

Urban Geography, Legal Theory, Activism, Philosophy, Art

Short Bio

Andrea Pavoni  completed his PhD at the University of Westminster, London, in 2013. Drawing from various areas such as critical geography, urban studies, legal theory, sociology and philosophy, his research explores the relation between materiality, normativity and the urban from various interdisciplinary angles. He is a fellow at the Westminster Law and Theory Lab, co-editor of the Law and the Senses Series (University of Westminster Press), and associate editor at the journal Lo Squaderno, Explorations in Space and Society. His book, Controlling Urban Events. Law, Ethics and the Material, is out with Routledge.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

The project explores how urban space allows for, modifies or prevents the expression of dissent, and how dissent in turn affects and modifies the social and material form of the urban. It does so by looking at Urban Interventions, by which I refer to all those artistic practices (institutional public art included) that intervene on the city by employing the urban itself (its built environment, socio-material relations, normativities, sites, publicness etc.) as an expressive material. The project unfolds via three conceptual vectors (aesthetics, urbanisation and normativity). This trifocal approach is operationalised by intersecting these vectors into 3 nodes (urban aesthetics, urban normativity, normativity and aesthetics), which constitute as many directions through which the research activities and outputs of the projects are channelled. This conceptual endeavour is empirically tested via a case study set in the Marvila and Beato waterfront.

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My project appropriately fits the Centre’s research strategy within its Cities and Territories Research Group, particularly as regards the thematic line: Creativity, Culture and Territory, extensively involved in researching on urban creative economy and cultural industries, especially in relation with urban interventions and urban development, looking at the role of the arts and culture vis-à-vis territorial creative dynamics in Lisbon and beyond. This line produced an array of projects (eg CULTURE LX, CREATOUR, 4H-CREAT) to which mine constitutes a coherent conceptual and empirical addition, contributing to the Centres strategy to become a key to attain a significant role within – and a critical capacity to influence – the Lisbon City Council’s cultural and creative policies; and to attract future funding opportunities. My projects objectives also fit the Centres emphasis on developing applied research with a normative approach

Main publications

What is Urban Violence? [with Simone Tulumello], in Progress in Human Geography (2018)

Through thick and thin: Young people’s affective geographies in Brussels’ public space’ [with Mattias de Backer], in Emotion, Space and Society 27, 2018: 9-15.

Controlling Urban Event. Law, Space and the Material (Routledge, 2018) |

City of Unpleasant Feelings. Stress, Comfort and Animosity in Urban Life’ [with Andrea Mubi Brighenti], in Social and Cultural Geography, 2017

Resistant Legacies, Annals of Leisure Research 18 (4), 2015

Main projects

ATMOSPHERES OF DISSENT. Exploring the politics of urban intervention within, through, and against the normative aesthetics of neoliberal urbanisation

(2019-2021) 'Juventude e as artes da cidadania: práticas criativas, cultura participativa e activismo' — PTDC/SOC-SOC/28655/2017 — FCT/MCTES — Coordenador: Ricardo Campos [CICS-NOVA]

(2018-ongoing) The Law and the Senses Series, University of Westminster Law and Theory Lab — Coordenadores: Andrea Pavoni, Caterina Nirta [University of Roehampton, UK], Danilo Mandic [University of Westminster, UK], Andreas Philippopulos-Mihalopoulos [University of Westminster, UK]

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