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Integrated Researcher

Andrea Pavoni

research interests

Urban Geography, Social Theory, Philosophy, Legal Theory, Art

Short Bio

Unfolding at the intersection between critical geography, social theory, and philosophy, Andrea Pavoni's research explores the relation between materiality, normativity and aesthetics in the urban context. He is editor of the Law and the Senses Series (University of Westminster Press) and associate editor of the journal Lo Squaderno, Explorations in Space and Society.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

UNCOMFORTABLE COMMONS. the paradigm of comfort and the promise urban commons: a conceptual, critical and empirical exploration

The project unpacks, analyses, and mobilises against each other two key concepts of contemporary urban politics: comfort and the urban commons. Three are the main hypotheses: [1] that the urban commons are the battleground of contemporary urban politics; [2] that the politics of comfort directly and indirectly frame this ‘battle’, in material, normative and aesthetic sense, shaping the way in which urban commons are ordered, regulated, consumed, inhabited, and valorised; [3] that the turbulent encounter between comfort and commons in the city is an invaluable, and yet so far overlooked dimension for investigating the urban conceptually, critically and strategically. These hypotheses are pursued via genealogical exploration, critical analysis, and empirical investigation.

Main publications

Brighenti AM & Pavoni A. 2021. On Urban Trajectology: algorithmic mobilities and atmocultural navigation. Distinktion: Journal of Social Theory [online first]

Brighenti AM & Pavoni A. 2020. Vertical vision and atmocultural navigation. Notes on emerging urban scopic regimes. Visual Studies 35(3): 1-13

Pavoni A. 2020. Profanating Gastro-Normativity: Exploring the Nonhuman Materiality of Making and Tasting Wine in the Natural Wine Movement. Cultural Politics 16(3): 367-386.

Brighenti AM & Pavoni A. 2019. City of Unpleasant Feelings. Stress, Comfort and Animosity in Urban Life. Social & Cultural Geography 20(2): 137-156

Pavoni A. 2018. Controlling Urban Events: Law, Ethics and the Material (Routledge)

Main projects

2022-2025: 'UrbanoScenes. Post-colonial imaginaries of urbanisation: A future-oriented investigation from Portugal and Angola' PTDC/GES -URB/1053/2021— FCT/MCTES — Coordenador: Simone Tulumello [ICS] Co-Coordenador: Andrea Pavoni

ATMOSPHERES OF DISSENT. Exploring the politics of urban intervention within, through, and against the normative aesthetics of neoliberal urbanisation

(2019-2021) 'Juventude e as artes da cidadania: práticas criativas, cultura participativa e activismo' — PTDC/SOC-SOC/28655/2017 — FCT/MCTES — Coordenador: Ricardo Campos [CICS-NOVA]

(2018-ongoing) The Law and the Senses Series, University of Westminster Law and Theory Lab — Coordenadores: Andrea Pavoni, Caterina Nirta [University of Roehampton, UK], Danilo Mandic [University of Westminster, UK], Andreas Philippopulos-Mihalopoulos [University of Westminster, UK]

Last update

23 de maio de 2023
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