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Integrated Researcher

Ana Saint-Maurice

research interests

Sociology of Migration; Sociology of Ethnic and Racial Relations; Project Evaluation.

Short Bio

Ana de Saint-Maurice was born in Mozambique in 1958. Since 1981 she has been a lecturer at IUL-ISCTE, where she graduated in Sociology. PhD in Sociology in 1994 in the area of Sociology of Migration. He teaches the courses of Methods and Techniques of Research in Sociology having taught in several Master's and PhD Programs, in ISCTE and in other universities. Has worked in Project Evaluation.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

In order to give continuity to an investigation initiated two years ago on the fertility patterns of Portuguese women compared to the Cape Verdeans residing in Portugal, there are clues to understand these behaviors from a culturalist perspective, but now using a qualitative approach, Comprehensive. In effect, culture shapes perceptions around the concept of family, motherhood and conjugality.

Semi-structured interviews will be conducted

Main publications

SAINT- MAURICE, Ana de – “Trabalho e suas representações”, in Freire, J. (coord.), Trabalho e Relações Laborais, Lisboa, ICS, 2009.

SAINT- MAURICE, Ana de – Identidades reconstruídas: cabo-verdianos em Portugal, Oeiras: Celta ed., 1997.- XII, 171 p. 24 cm

SAINT-MAURICE, A., Palma, V. ,“(ES)COLHE AS SEMENTES – impactes do Programa Escolhas percepcionados pelos jovens”, in Pobreza em Portugal: contextos, transformações e estudos, Diogo, F. (org.), Lisboa, Humus, 2016

Main projects

2009/10 Avaliação do Programa ESCOLHAS- 3ª Geração, Centro de Estudos Territoriais, CET/ISCTE

2010/12 Coordenadora da Avaliação do Programa ESCOLHAS- 4ª Geração

2012/… “A Burguesia Tradicional Feminina na Sociedade de S. Vicente, Cabo-Verde”

Last update

23 de maio de 2023
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