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Integrated Researcher

Ana Oliveira

research interests

Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Music, Urban Sociology, Cultural Policies, Youth Cultures, Creative Work, Identities and Lifestyles, Visual Sociology, Social Network Analysis

Short Bio

I am PhD Candidate in Urban Studies at ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon and researcher at DINÂMIA’CET – IUL and at the Institute of Sociology of the University of Porto. I completed my degree in Sociology at University of Porto, with a project about the relationship between cultures and territories. I worked as a researcher at Institute of Sociology of the University of Porto on projects developed in the field of Sociology of Culture and Sociology of Music and also at a NGO, on projects related to youth. I am currently developing a PhD project entitled "Do It Together Again: networks, flows and spaces in building music careers in the Portuguese indie scene", funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology through the individual doctoral fellowship SFRH/BD/101849/2014. The project focuses on the processes of building DIY musical careers and their connection with urban space and local cultural policies in the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

My current scientific project is based on a triangulated approach to Portuguese indie music production, through the articulation between three axes: a) the individual axis, composed by musicians and other agents of the musical field and by the professional trajectories which, in a do-it- yourself way, they build and manage; b) the collective axis, formed by the networks, by the creative means or by the scenes in which the musicians are inserted and that work as substrate to the development of their professional trajectories, in an exercise of constant combination between DIY and do-it-together logics of creation and production; and 3) the spatial and institutional axis, which refers to the relations between music and urban space, considering both the role of this and its dynamics in the creation and development of these musical paths, and the role that musical scenes can play in urban development and (re)construction of images and narratives of the cities - do-it-visible.

Link to DINÂMIA'CET-IUL identifying mission:

My individual work program intersects with the scientific identity of D'C insofar as it explores the territorial dimension, the translation in urban space of current dynamics and changes of the cultural sphere, with a special focus on music. By comparing two empirical contexts (AML and AMP), I hope that its implementation will allow a better understanding of the relationship between music (as a specific cultural and artistic manifestation), urban space and public cultural policies. Addressing one of D'C's concerns (to facilitate agent action and policy formulation), I intend to identify which margins exist or can be created to integrate musical creators, and the networks in which they fit into the processes of urban planning related to culture, thus creating synergies among musicians, networks and cities.

Main publications

OLIVEIRA, Ana, 2018, “Sons para lá do palco. Estratégias para a gestão de carreiras DIY na cena musical independente portuguesa”. Todas as Artes: Revista Luso-Brasileira de Artes e Cultura, 1(1), 131-142. ISSN 2184-3805.

OLIVEIRA, Ana; GUERRA, Paula, 2016, “Espaços urbanos entre a cultura, a imagem e a intervenção”, em Cidades, Comunidades e Territórios, 32/Jun, 118-131

OLIVEIRA, Ana, 2016, “'I make the product': Do-it-yourself ethics in the construction of musical careers in the Portuguese alternative rock scene”, em Paula Guerra; Pedro Costa (eds.), Redefining art worlds in the late modernity, Porto, Universidade do Porto. Faculdade de Letras, 135-148.

COSTA, Pedro; GUERRA, Paula; OLIVEIRA, Ana, 2015, “Território(s) e territorialidade(s) das cenas musicais alternativas lisboetas: uma aproximação através de alguns lugares de referência”, em Paula Guerra (org.), More than loud: os mundos dentro de cada som. Porto, Edições Afrontamento, 187-202.

OLIVEIRA, Ana, 2015, “We are one voice!" A brief history of Portuguese hardcore and straight edge movement: protagonists, core values and DIY ethos”, em Leite, João Emanuel Cabral Leite; Paula Guerra, On the road to the american underground, Porto, Universidade do Porto, Faculdade de Letras, 91-115.

Main projects

2016 | “Estratégias para a Cultura da cidade de Lisboa 2016” – DINÂMIA’CET – Instituto de Sociologia da Universidade do Porto – Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

2015 | “Portugal ao Espelho: identidade e transformação na literatura, no cinema e na música popular” - Programa Gulbenkian de Língua e Cultura Portuguesas – Instituto de Sociologia da Universidade do Porto

2014-2015 | “Keep it simple, make it fast! Prolegómenos e cenas punk, um caminho para a contemporaneidade portuguesa (1977-2012)” – PTDC/CSSOC/118830/2010 – Instituto de Sociologia da Universidade do Porto

2013-2014 | “Faz-te ao Mercado: estudo sobre o (des)encontro entre a procura e a oferta de competências no mercado de trabalho e a sua relação com a empregabilidade jovem" - POAT-FSE QREN – TESE Associação Para o Desenvolvimento

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23 de maio de 2023
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