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Integrated Researcher

Ana Cristina Ferreira

research interests

Demography, sociology, quantitative methods

Short Bio

PHD in Sociology and interest for Quantitative Methods applied to social sciences.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

Based on the fact that Portugal is the country with the lowest fertility in Europe, we want to understand if the changes registered in the last decades in Portugal in terms of migrations and family contexts can also be felt at the level of fertility. More specifically, we want to answer questions such as:

  • Do foreign women residing in Portugal differ from the Portuguese for the Synthetic Fertility Index?

  • Are Portuguese and foreign women similar or different in aspects such as the age at birth of the first child, the number of children performed, expected and desired, or even the reasons for having children or not?

  • And will foreign women be similar to each other, or, on the contrary, should the origin of these women be taken into account, since cultural factors may be important for decisions about fertility?

This seems to us one of the ways to understand and be able to act on the demographic changes.

Main publications

Ferreira, Ana Cristina, Ramos, Madalena and Gaspar, Sofia (2016), Marriage and Migration in Portugal: Exploring Trends and Patterns of Divorce in Exogamous and Endogamous Couples, in Marzia Grassi and Tatiana Ferreira (eds.), Mobility and Family in Transnational Space, Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN (13): 978-1-4438-8601-7.

Gaspar, Sofia, Ramos, Madalena e Ferreira, Ana Cristina (2013), Análise comparativa dos divórcios em casais nacionais e binacionais em Portugal, 2001-2010, Sociologia 26 81-112(ISSN: 0872-3419);

Ramos, Madalena, Gaspar, Sofia e Ferreira, Ana Cristina (2013), Padrões de exogamia em quatro comunidades imigrantes em Portugal (2001-2011), Sociologia – Problemas e Práticas (em avaliação desde 20-05-2013) (ISSN impresso: 0873-6529).

Ramos, Madalena and Ana Cristina Ferreira (2012). Marriage with Immigrants in Portugal” in Doo-Sub Kim (Ed.), Cross-Border Marriage: Global Trends and Diversity. Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs (KIHASA). ISBN: 978-89-8187-881-8 (93330)

Main projects

Researcher - “Evolução e Padrões de Casamentos Binacionais em Portugal (1988-2011)”, coord. Sofia Gaspar. Financed by FCT (EXPL/IVC-SOC/1611/2012).

Researcher - “O casamento e o divórcio em Portugal: evolução e padrões”, com Madalena Ramos (projecto não financiado)

Evolução e Perfis dos Divórcios em Casais Binacionais em Portugal (1988-2013). Equipa: Sofia Gaspar (coordenadora), Madalena Ramos, Ana Cristina Ferreira.

Researcher - “Trajectórias residenciais e Metropolização: continuidades e mudanças na AML”, coordenado pela Professora Sandra Marques Pereira (PTDC-CS-SOC/102032/2008)

Last update

23 de maio de 2023
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