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Integrated Researcher

Ana Carolina Carvalho Farias

research interests

participatory processes, urban tactics, urban activism, technopolitics, co-production, urban space, informal settlements.

Short Bio

Architect Urbanist, she is interested in the tools of participatory processes, such as urban tactics, technopolitics, pedagogical, artistic and activist practices to democratize the production of the city. PhD in Architecture of Contemporary Metropolitan Territories, Specialty in Digital Architecture (Iscte-IUL, 2021), with the thesis "Co-production of technopolitical interfaces: civic hacking for local development in Lisbon". Master by the Project and City Program (UFG/ Brazil, 2018), with research on tactical urbanism. Specialist in Sustainable Environmental Rehabilitation Architectural and Urbanistic (UnB/ Brazil, 2014). Bachelor of Architecture and Urbanism (UEG/ Brazil, 2005). Co-founder of Sobreurbana, a collaborative urbanism studio, which works in the city of Goiânia/ Brazil since 2013. She worked with social housing promoted by social movements at Caixa Econômica Federal/ Brazil (2008-2015). She taught General History of Art and Object Design (Faculdades Objetivo, 2015). A-GRUPA/ EDA - Ensaios e Diálogos Associação, Coletivo Andorinha and Mulheres na Arquitetura NGO member.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

Care(4)Housing - A care through design approach to address housing precarity in Portugal.

In a close dialogue between theory and practice / research and action, the research aims to explore new housing concepts oriented to ‘othered’ groups. C4H explores four dimensions on care – Spatial (care for space), Social (care for people), Technical (building with care), and Political (care as a tool) - through a 'research by design' methodology. Connection with ‘othered’ social groups, technical bodies and stakeholders at the municipalities more affected by housing precarity (Great Lisbon), will be enhanced through the creation of local Housing Laboratories, a central task of the project. At the end, a tool for mapping, a full set of design applications, and in situ prototypes, come together in the ‘Atlas of Spatial Care’, ready to inform architects, policy makers, specialists, and others concerned with housing inequalities.

Main publications

FARIAS, A. C. C.; PAIO, A. ; FALANGA, R. . Tecnopolíticas da Participação - Uma abordagem genealógica. ArquiteturaRevista (UNISINOS), v. 17, n. 2. p. 258-276, 2021.

FARIAS, Ana Carolina Carvalho; PAIO, Alexandra. Tecnopolíticas em Lisboa: redes híbridas como base para a criação de um observatório BIP/ZIP. Gestã & Tecnologia de Projetos, v. 15, p. 97-111, 2020.

FARIAS, A. C. C.. A arquitetura da participação de Giancarlo de Carlo revisitada. VIRUS, v. 18, 2019. issn 2175-974

FARIAS, A. C. C.. Taxonomia do Urbanismo Tático: uma proposta para leitura, compreensão e articulação do urbanismo biopotente. In: 1º Seminário Internacional Urbanismo Biopolítico: Urbanismo neoliberal e a produção do comum urbano, 2018, Belo Horizonte. I Seminário Internacional Urbanismo Biopolítico. Belo Horizonte: Editora Fluxos, 2018. p. 1090-1115.

FARIAS, A. C. C.; GONCALVES, A. P. V. C. . Jane's Walk Experience as Tool to Foster Critical Mass in Goiânia/GO - Brazil. Citycamp Papers, v. 1, p. 20, 2014. ISSN 2408-4484

Main projects

Care(4)Housing - A care through design approach to address housing precarity in Portugal. FCT GENDER RESEARCH4COVID-19 [620033573]

Last update

23 de maio de 2023
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