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Integrated Researcher

Ana Brandão

research interests

Public Space, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Urban Governance

Short Bio

Ana Brandão is post-doctoral researcher.
She has an Integrated Master in Architecture (2008, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa) and PhD in Public Space and Urban Regeneration (2015, Universitat de Barcelona). She has research expertise in interdisciplinary work regarding urban design and urban planning.
She also worked as an architect, in CCG Arquitectos developing housing and education projects (2009-2010), and lectured at Technical Institute of Lisbon, in Civil Engineer graduation (2011-2012).

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

My research is focused on urban production processes and their impacts on urban design and public space:
• Value of public space and urban design

• Public space and urban structure
• Managing uncertainty in urban design and urban planning
• Urban Regeneration processes

• Public space governance

Main publications

Brandão, Ana & Brandão, Pedro (Coord.) (2019) LUGARES DE PARTILHA Interpretar espaços públicos urbanos. Lisboa: IST-ID

Brandão, A. & Brandão, P. (Coord.). (2018). Common places. Guide for the assessment and interpretation of public space. Lisboa: IST-ID

Brandão, Pedro; Brandão, Ana; Ferreira, Ana; Travasso, Nuno & Remesar, Antoni. (2017). What is public space’s service value? Some relevant research questions. In E. M. da Costa, S. Morgado, & J. Cabral (Eds.), Book of Proceedings of AESOP Annual Congress “Spaces of Dialog For Places of Dignity” (pp. 785–796). Lisboa: Universidade de Lisboa

Brandão, Ana (2015). A incerteza no processo urbano. A produção do espaço na Margem Sul do Estuário do Tejo. PhD Tesis. Universitat de Barcelona.

Pinto, Ana Júlia & Brandão, Ana Luísa (2015). A multi-scale approach of public space networks in the scattered city. Urban Design International, 20(3), 175–194.

Main projects

2019-2022 | The Grand Projects. Architectural and Urbanistic Operations after the 1998 Lisbon World Exposition (PTDC/ARTDAQ/32561/2017)

2016-2019 | PUBLIC SPACE’S SERVICE VALUE as an URBAN SYSTEM. An integrated assessment methodology (PTDC/ECM-URB/2162/2014)

Last update

23 de maio de 2023
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