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Alexandra Saraiva

research interests

Architecture, Representation, City and Territory

Short Bio

Alexandra Saraiva (Vila Nova de Gaia, 1972) Architect (1995) and Master of Architecture (2008) by Lusíada University of Oporto. PhD in Architecture by University of Coruña (2011). Professor at Lusíada University of Oporto, since 1996. Currently in the Project III course. Master's thesis adviser in architecture. Researcher (2007-2015) at the Territory, Architecture and Design Research Center,(CITAD), with published articles in international conferences context. In 2015 integrates DINÂMIA'CET IUL-ISCTE, as post-doctoral researcher.

research project at dinâmia'cet-IUL

This research will have as main contribution the understanding of the architecture of Raúl Hestnes Ferreira, going through the constant triangulation between the Mediterranean, Scandinavian architecture and the work of Louis Kahn, in search of the essentiality of the architecture, crossing this triangulation with the neo-realist universe of his father, José Gomes Ferreira, promoting reading on cultural heritage and European identity. As a postdoctoral fellow of the FCT (SFRH / BPD / 111869/2015) under the supervision of Prof. Paulo Tormenta Pinto, starting in September 2015 and ending in September 2021, for the investigation development of "The monumentality revisited - Hestnes Ferreira, between timeless European and North American classicism (1960-2018)".

​This Research Program is part of the Reflective Societies - cultural heritage and European identity, and thus identifies with the scientific identity of D'C.

Link to DINÂMIA'CET-IUL identifying mission:

The proposed research plan fits into the overall research strategy of DINÂMIA'CET-IUL, integrating cultural heritage and European identity into reflexive societies. More concretely, Europe in a changing world: inclusive, innovative and thoughtful societies. Emphasizing the cultural heritage and European identity, memory, identity, integration and interaction, and cultural translation, research on the architectural work of Raúl Hestnes Ferreira. And it will contribute to its planned research objectives on the role of Europe in the world and on links and mutual influence between different parts of the globe, as well as an external perspective on European cultures.

BARRADAS, Jorge, CHAVES, Alexandra - “Block-corridor_intervention in a Porto's block”, in PLURIS’14, 6º Congresso Luso-Brasileiro para o Planeamento Urbano, Regional, Integrado e Sustentável, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon, Portugal, 24-26 September 2014, (pp.2561-2573) ISBN: 978-989-99150-0-8

Main publications

SARAIVA, Alexandra - “The influence of classics on contemporary thinking Louis Kahn and Hestnes Ferreira”, in Oliveira V, Pinho P, Batista L, Patatas T and Monteiro C (eds.) (2014) Our common future in Urban Morphology, FEUP, Porto, (Vol.2), (pp. 1068-1074) ISBN: 978-972-99101-6-6

SARAIVA, Alexandra -"What will be has always been The importance of travel for/in Architecture" in Jornadas Científicas "Arquitectura, Educación Y Sociedad - Hacia una Revolución Dialógica en la Educación Crítica de la Arquitectura", UPC, Barcelona, Spain, 4-6 June 2014, (pp.1-15) ISBN 978-84-697-1956-5

SARAIVA, Alexandra -"Uma aproximação às conexões brutalistas, Hestnes Ferreira em continuidade com Louis Kahn" in Arquitectura moderna e internacional: conexões brutalistas 1955-1975, X, 15-18 out.2013, PUC-PR/UFRGS, OBR_75, (pp.1-18) ISBN 978-85-60188-14-7

SARAIVA, Alexandra - "A dimensão da Forma Urbana, Hestnes Ferreira em continuidade com Louis Kahn" in N. N. Pinto, A. Almeida (Eds), Book of Abstracts of PNUM 2013, the 2013 Annual Conference of Portuguese Network of Urban Morphology, Coimbra, June 27 and 28, 2013, Coimbra: Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Coimbra, (pp. 1035-1044) ISBN 978-989-98435-1-6

Main projects

Post Doctoral FCT (SFRH / BPD / 111869/2015) under the supervision of Prof. Paulo Tormenta Pinto, for the investigation development of "The monumentality revisited - Hestnes Ferreira, between intemporality European and North American classicism (1960-1974)".

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