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Integrated Researcher

Alexandra Paio

research interests

Cities and Territories (processes and advanced digital tool to support creativity, digital fabrication, public space and participatory processes).

Short Bio

Architect (1993), M.Sc in Urban Design (2002) and PhD in Architecture and Urbanism (2011). Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture and Urbanism at ISCTE-IUL. Director and Researcher of Vitruvius FabLab-IUL (2011 - ). Vice-Dean of the Department of Architecture and Urbanism (2016-2019), Director of the PhD Program in Architecture of Contemporary Metropolitan Territories (2017-2019) and Director of the Specialized Course in Collaborative Territories: Processes, Design, Intervention and entrepreneurship (ASF-P/CML) (2015 - ). Teaches architecture design studio (3rd year, Integrated Master in Architecture) and Digital Architecture (Architecture PhD programme). Coordinates and participates in several projects related to digital fabrication and participatory processes with the support of Portuguese industry and Municipalities.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

Main publications

Neves, S., Paio, A.. (2017). Social challenges meet architecture – from participation to digital fabrication. Architectural Research Addressing Societal Challenges, pp. 271–pp.277

Nascimento, S., Pólvora, A., Paio, A., Oliveira, S., Rato, V., Oliveira, M. J., Varela, B., Sousa, J.P.. (2016). Sustainable Technologies and Transdisciplinary Futures: From Collaborative Design to Digital Fabrication. Science as Culture, pp.1 – pp.18

Lopes, J. V., Paio, A., Beirão, J.N., Pinho, E. M. & Nunes, L.. (2015). Multidimensional Analysis of Public Open Spaces – Urban Morphology, Parametric Modelling and Data Mining. Real Time - Proceedings of the 33rd eCAADe Conference (1), pp.351-pp.360

Paio, A., Eloy, S., Rato, V., Resende, R., Oliveira, M. J.. (2012). Prototyping Vitruvius, New Challenges: Digital Education, Research and Practice. Nexus Network Journal (14), 3, pp. 10 – pp. 26

Paio, A. ,Turkienicz, B..(2011). An urban grammar study: a geometric method for generating planimetric proportional and symmetrical systems. Nexus Network Journal (13), 1, pp. 151 – pp. 169

Main projects

Local Partnership BIPZIP Lisboa Programme (2015-2017)

Researcher on TEL@FTELa - Technology Enhanced Learning at Future Teacher Education Lab (PTDC/MHC-CED/0588/2014)

ISCTE-IUL coordinator of European project “OIKONET. A global multidisciplinar network on housing research and learning” (539369-LLP-1-ES-ERASMUS-ENW)

Last update

23 de maio de 2023
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