Former Researcher

Alessandro Colombo

research interests

European and National Urban Policies, Urban Governance, Organizational Innovation, Distressed Urban Areas

Short Bio

Urban planner with specialization in local development (2013, IUAV-Venice and FAUTL-Lisbon) and PhD student in Public Policies at ISCTE-IUL. His main research topic focus on policy evaluation within governance frameworks in distressed urban areas. He has worked in urban planning projects and programs, both in academic research and consulting activities.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

The PhD thesis aims to verify the adequacy of new forms of multilevel, collaborative and integrated governance in facing specific challenges that ‘distressed urban areas’ impose to public policies, by analyzing the mechanisms triggered to facilitate changes in the quality of life of populations living in these areas.

Starting from a ‘critical realist evaluation perspective’, applied to the analysis of the empirical object (the 'Critical Neighborhoods Initiative', IBC), the objective is to interpret the conditions underlying changes with experimental programme implementation. Specifically, assuming that this changes arising from inter- and intra-organizational innovation processes within public action (e.g policy integration), the purpose of this research is to understand the extent to which new forms of multilevel and collaborative governance contributes, in a positive way, to improve public policies in distressed urban areas.

Main publications

Tulumello, S., Ferreira, A.C., Colombo, A., Di Giovanni, C., Allegra, M. (2018)- Comparative planning and housing studies beyond taxonomy: A genealogy of the Special Programme for Rehousing (Portugal). Transactions of the Association of European Schools of Planning, 2, 32-46.

Allegra, M., Tulumello, S., Falanga, R., Cachado, R., Ferreira, A.C., Colombo, A., Alves, S. (2017). Un novo PER? Realojamento e políticas de habitação em Portugal. Observa Policy Briefs, ICS, Lisbon. (Policy Brief)

Tulumello S., Allegra M., Colombo A., Ferrão J. (2018, July). Housing policy and multilevel governance: the case of Portugal and the (hidden) role of the European Union. Making Space for Hope. AESOP Congress, Gothenburg. (Conference Paper)

Tulumello S., Colombo A. (2017, November). Inclusive communities, exclusionary city, planning N/A? Mapping condóminios fechados quasi-quantitatively in Lisbon, Cascais (and Barreiro). Inclusão, Cidadania, Sustentabilidade. 4 Encontro ICS, Lisbon.

“Social housing policy or social policy for housing? The role of the Programa Especial de Realojamento (PER) in the housing/planning nexus in Portugal”, com Simone Tulimello (ICS-ULisboa), Ana Ferreira (CIES-IUL; FCSH-UNL), Marco Allegra (ICS-ULisboa) presented at Lisbon AESOP Annual Congress ’17, “Spaces of Dialog: For Places of Dignity”, 11-14 July 2017, Lisboa.

Main projects

“exPERts – Making sense of planning expertise: housing policy and the role of experts in the programa Especial de realojamento (PER)”, ref. PTDC/ATP-EUR/4309/2014

"Relational space and the Right to the City" (FCT/EXPL/ATP EUR/1772/2012)

"Optar- The Participatory budgeting as innovative tool to reinventing local councils in Portugal and Cape Verde? A critical analysis of performance and transfers". (PTDC/CS-SOC/099134/2008 - FCOMP-01-0124- FEDER-009255)

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