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Associate Researcher

Alda Gonçalves

research interests

Social policies, Poverty and Social Exclusion, Cities and Territories

Short Bio

Alda Gonçalves is a Sociologist (Master in Sociology - ISCTE-IUL), Technical Advisor in the Institute for Social Security (Ministry of Solidarity, Employment and Social Security) and Researcher at DINÂMIA-CET. She is currently working on studies and monitoring social policy indicators (RSI). She has previously worked on the NAPincl Technical Team, in the Social Networks National Programme and in the Transnational Project Local Action Plans & Regional Action Plans (financed by the EU). She has represented the Institute in the Community Action Programme to Combat Social Exclusion, EU (2006) and also in research on Unmet Social Needs in Portugal, the results of which are published in the book À Tona de Água (2010).

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

The study aimed to understand 20 years of implementation of RMG / RSI in Portugal and its contribution in the fight against poverty, combined quantitative and qualitative methodologies (with interviews to beneficiaries, technicians and academics).

Main publications

Book Review: Castro, Alexandra (Coord.); Antunes, José M. Wolf; Costa, Sonia; War, Isabel; Santos, Marta (2012), The Uncertain City. Barometer of the Observatory for the Fight Against Poverty in Lisbon. Notebooks EAPN 17, EAPN Portugal / European Anti-Poverty Network/ Ministry of Solidarity and Social Security In Cities, Communities and Territories, Nº. 28, Lisbon, DINÂMIA-CET/ ISCTE, 2014

Book Review: Rodrigues, Walter (2010), Transition Town. Urban gentrification. Lifestyles and Redevelopment in Lisbon. Lisbon, Celta Editora. In Cities, Communities and Territories, No. 24, Lisbon, DINÂMIA-CET/ ISCTE, 2012 

(Co-authored) "IV. Invisible Everyday: Portraits of a Change in Portugal”, "In Pinto, Teresa Costa; Guerra, Isabel; Martins, Marta; Almeida, Sara (Coord.), (2010), Afloat - Needs in Portugal: Tradition and Emerging Trends, Paint-in-China Publisher, Lisbon. V. 1 (With Teresa Costa Pinto, Isabel Guerra, Marta Martins and Sara Almeida) 

Guerra, Isabel; Pinto, Teresa Costa; Martins, Marta; Almeida, Sara; Gonçalves, Alda (Coord.), (2010), Afloat - Pictures of a Change in Portugal, Tinta-da-China Publisher, Lisbon.

Main projects

Impacts of Integration Agreements: the perspective of the actors involved in its implementation, ISS, IP - In collaboration (Julho.2012). 

Mediators Municipal Project, Final Evaluation Report (for ACIDI), DINÂMIA-CET (Coordination Alexandra Castro, 2011).

Needs Project in Portugal: Tradition and Emerging Trends, sponsored by TESE/ DINÂMIA-CET, representing the Institute of Social Security, IP (2008-Junho.2010)

Last update

23 de maio de 2023
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