Phd Project

Da Célula à Cidade: Composição Modular e Planeamento Urbano na Obra de Justino Morais 1960-1990

João Cardim Ribeiro


Paulo Tormenta Pinto


Comparative study of 19 housing estates designed and built between 1966 and 1975 in various cities of Portugal, within the framework of the Economic Housing - Federation of Pension Funds (HE-FCP) and the Housing Development Fund (FFH). The link between these sets is that they were designed by the same architect - Justino Morais (1928-2011) - and that they were the result of the application of a "Modular System" developed by Morais in 1962 as "Regional Architect" of HE-FCP. The analysis of these sets will partially bridge the lack of studies on economic housing outside the municipality of Lisbon between 1960 and 1980 (Portas, 2013: 11).

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