Phd Project

Agricultura no Concelho de Lisboa: Denominadores Comuns e Diversidade - uma Abordagem Socio-Ecológica no Planeamento Urbano

Maria Raquel Ponte da Luz Martins de Sousa


Paulo Tormenta Pinto


The objectives sought are the characterization of the process of urban agriculture existing in the Municipality of Lisbon and its implications for spatial planning; spatial and ecological characterization; social characterization; and the hybridization of the two. We propose to identify primary typologies for agriculture in the municipality of Lisbon in light of the hybridization of the various characterizations. From there, create new typological concepts based on functions that represent the complexity of this theme. The characterization of the cases will be done through primary typologies to clarify the correlation between different ecological and spatial forms that constitute them in a balanced relation with the social aspects that they reflect.


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