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Principal Investigator

Maria Assunção Gato


funding institution

Unidade Nacional de Gestão do Mecanismo de Financiamento do Espaço Económico Europeu 2014-2021 - EEA Grants - Portugal

Research Group

Young generations trapped in hybrid lifestyles: Challenges in ways of living and working towards the urban green care in Lisbon and Oslo



Focusing on hybrid trends and models of living (e.g. cohousing and coliving and working flexible and multifunctional spaces), HybGen aims to understand which resilient values and survival strategies young adults (20-35 years old) of Lisbon and Oslo are adopting, and how such strategies intersect with urban green care. The goal is to delve into the hybridity of the new urban lifestyles and the blockages of a generation that, despite being one of the best prepared to face the new challenges of the digital transition, is being sacrificed by the urban economic extractive model. A comparative study will be carried out through participatory action research. This includes fieldwork conducted in both cities; participatory workshops with different stakeholders; a joint seminar to discuss and share findings and good practices; an open-access publication. This bilateral initiative will promote the cooperation, exchange and sharing of knowledge and networking between Portuguese and Norwegian entities, identifying best practices and producing useful policy recommendations for common problems.


"Resilient Values"; "Cohousing"; "Coliving"; "Urban Green Care"; "Resilient Values"

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