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Programa PARTIS (FCG)

Research Group

URB - minisérie para televisão



The basic idea of __the URB project is to begin a process of writing, developing and pre-producing a television series (mini-novel) anchored in the effective social reality of Greater Lisbon and in its diversity and cultural multiplicity. It is intended to build a network of local participants - in an intensive workshop model in:1. Write a ready-to-shoot script of a series of 55 episodes, based on the local realities of the intervention communities, as well as some data and textures of the personal life of participants in writing and dramaturgy workshops.2. Prepare, rehearse and train a large number of non-professional actors, who may, at the end of the intervention period of the project, participate in the running of the 55-episode series, in which writing and definition of the main narrative lines played an active role.3. Filming a set of 5 pilot episodes, each performed by a reference director with tracks related to the universes being treated. The calendar of activities provides for the regular follow-up and intervention of the 5 filmmakers throughout the writing process.4. At the end of the process have built and solidified a project dossier, to capture funding for production.5. To foster mobility and mutual knowledge among participants and territories, seeking new forms of movement beyond the peripheral-center commuting and concentric neighborhoods.6. Awareness of diversity and cultural wealth as a form of identity.


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