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Principal Investigator

Joana Lages


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Togetherness is D'C''s contribution to the New European Bauhaus initiative, carried out on two distinct yet complementary axes. MAPPING CO-DESIGN This axis focuses on mapping experiences, projects, and co-design processes since the beginning of democratic life in Portugal, also marking the (almost) 50 years of the Carnation Revolution. From a broad and comprehensive concept of co-design, this mapping starts with SAAL, deeply rooted in the participation and co-construction of housing and communities, ending in 2022 with collaborative experiences created to respond to the pandemic, such as the Bairros Saudáveis [Healthy Neighbourhoods] programme. The result will be transformed into an online platform with videos and interviews. ENVISIONING (UN)CERTAIN FUTURES Through a series of events, TOGETHERNESS opens a focused discussion on the future of beautiful, sustainable and inclusive inhabited territories and the path we have to take, together, to get there. The selection of 4 neighbourhoods in 4 municipalities will allow us to question habitat, mobility, culture or sustainability, taken to the field in a situated way with workshops and interviews, using the methodology of social dreaming and visual narratives for the conception of future scenarios. In the end, four animated short films will be produced, restored and discussed with their co-producers. Starting from Amadora (Cova da Moura neighbourhood), Barreiro (Barreiro Velho area), Cascais (Marechal Carmona neighbourhood) and Aveiro (Santiago neighbourhood), we will question how these territories will be inhabited in a time horizon of 50 years.


do-design, New European Bauhaus, NEB, housing futures

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