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Principal Investigator


funding institution

FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

Research Group

Inforest - Research & Innovation Centre for "Non-wood forest raw materials"


This project addresses the non-wood forest raw materials through an integrated approach that combines education, research and entrepreneurship.The integration between education, research and activities related with innovation and entrepreneurship as proposed by the Co-Location Centre InForest envisages the following goals:1. Characterization of forest related activities with emphasis on oak tree including the mapping of stakeholders located in value chain;2. Perception and evaluation of forest value in economic, social and environmental terms and the practices associated with a sustainable management and the increase of quality of non-wood forest raw materials (e.g. cork and resins) trough certification procedures;3. Mapping the "innovation ecosystem" regarding the identification of business projects in valued chain;4. Perception of non-covered areas within research and professional training related with quality improvement of non-wood forest raw materials, namely cork oak forest exploitation, cork extraction and production technology;5. Identification of forms allowing the promotion of forest producers association, the collection of information and the coordination of stakeholders involved in value chain including the partnerships with entities related with design, architecture and other activities with artistic and creative nature;6. Market study with a view to creation of graduation and post-graduation studies and professional training (formal and informal)on forest and forest raw material issues;7. Analysis of best dissemination practices related with forest and oak cork forest directed to schools (basic and high) and society in general.


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