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ACM - Alto Comissariado para as Migra��es

Research Group

Evolução e Perfis dos Divórcios em Casais Binacionais em Portugal (1988-2013)


This project aims to develop an analysis of the evolution and patterns of divorce in binational (or exogamous) couples in Portugal between 1988 and 2013:The general objectives of this project are: 


analyze the evolution and patterns of binational divorces in Portugal in couples consisting of spouses and Portuguese immigrants (PALOP, Brazil and Eastern Europe); 


examine the sociodemographic characteristics of the spouses (age at marriage, age at divorce, duration of marriage, with common children, education level and employment status) in order to understand if there are different patterns of exogamic divorces in different ethnic groups; 


analyze through the speeches of divorced binational couples where the main motivations (cultural, ethnic, personal ...) which formed the basis of either the union or marital disruption;


analyze through these speeches the existence of a possible relationship between divorce and marriages, that is, the existence of those marriages concluded for the acquisition of nationality or residence in the country;


examine the post-divorce context in order to understand how this new situation influences the social integration of the immigrant spouse in Portugal.


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