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Principal Investigator

Antonio Padovano (Università della Calabria (Unical))


funding institution

European Commission - Horizon 2020 - PRIMA - Belgium

Research Group

Cereals resiliency revolution for agile supply chain management in the Mediterranean


European Commission - Horizon 2020 - PRIMA - Belgium

European Commission - Horizon 2020 - PRIMA - Belgium


The global agri-food system has transformed significantly in recent decades. Supply chains (SCs) have evolved from linear structures into complex networks with dynamic roles and behaviors. These changes have consolidated power among major food processors and retailers, leaving farmers with a smaller share of the added value of their produce [1]. This economic landscape discourages newcomers who see limited growth opportunities. Factors like climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and geopolitical events have exposed the vulnerability of Mediterranean food systems, impacting consumers' purchasing power and prompting discussions about policies for more resilient supply chains. This has reinvigorated national dialogues concerning how to best frame our policies and regulatory environment to create more diversified and resilient food SCs [2]. In this context, many rural agri-food economies, especially in MENA countries, struggle due to low incomes, unfavourable environmental conditions, ageing farmers, inefficient agricultural practices, low interest of the younger generation in agriculture, lack of manpower, and limited digital education. These issues affect their livelihoods and lead to land abandonment and degradation. Furthermore, operators located in MENA countries often work under extremely challenging conditions, with inadequate infrastructure, complicated access to credit, limited business growth opportunities, and underdeveloped policy conditions. As the frequency and magnitude of disruptions increase, food organizations of any size and individuals, particularly farmers and smallholders, need to consider a novel range of options and adopt a comprehensive strategy to build resilience and ensure the viability of their businesses and cereal SCs.


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