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Principal Investigator


Pedro Costa

Partner Institutions: Lisboa, Portugal (Project Leader); Robert Capa Contemporary Center Budapest, Hungary; Le Château d’Eau Toulouse, France; Fondazione Fotografia Modena Modena, Italy; Centro Artes José de Guimarães – A Oficina Guimarães, Portugal; Format International Photography Festival – Derby Quad Derby, UK; FotoFestiwal – Foundation of Visual Education Lodz, Poland; Galleri Image Aarhus, Denmark; ISSP Riga, Latvia; Katalog – Journal of Photography & Video Kerteminde, Denmark; Landskrona Foto Landskrona, Sweden; Kaunas Photography Gallery Kaunas, Lithuania; UGM – Maribor Art Gallery Maribor, Slovenia; The Finnish Museum of Photography Helsinki, Finland; Organ Vida Zagreb, Croatia; Photoireland Dublin, Ireland; YET Magazine Lausanne, Switzerland

funding institution

Creative Europe (EU)

Research Group

Cities and Territories

Parallel – European Photo Based Platform



The PARALLEL project is a Platform that brings together European cultural organizations willing to contribute to establish a new quality standard for European contemporary photography. The Platform is constituted by 18 lively European cultural hubs in the contemporary photography art world. PARALLEL aims to establish an effective platform for the exhibition of European new artists’ and curators’ work and to promote a more fluid and functional link between (i) emerging artists and curators and (ii) institutions (Museums, Galleries and Festivals), fuelling a link which often is subject to a diversity of problems and challenges, due to the traditional structuring mechanisms of the art worlds, both at national level and (particularly) internationally

DINAMIA ' CET-IUL role is to monitor the development and implementation of this this project. This analysis aims, on the one hand, to evaluate and monitor the implementation of the platform, providing the responsible institutions with useful information to redirect and permanently adapt the project, in order to improve its quality and efficiency; and, on the other hand, to reflect on the potential and relevance of such a platform to challenge the structuring paradigms of contemporary photography art world.

Outputs & resources



D'C-IUL Team:

Pedro Costa, Ricardo Lopes

External Team:


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