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Principal Investigator

Leandro Madrazo


Alexandra Paio

Partner Institutions:

funding institution

European Comission / Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (ITN)

Research Group

Cities and Territories

Oferta de habitação sustentável e acessível na Europa


H2020-MSCA-ITN-2020 (prop. nr. 956082)

H2020-MSCA-ITN-2020 (prop. nr. 956082)


RE-DWELL (2020-2024) will train a new generation of professionals with the transdisciplinary skills which are needed to address the urgent need of affordable and sustainable housing, a major challenge for European societies. To date, affordability and sustainability of housing have been addressed separately, from various disciplinary perspectives (e.g. architecture and planning, economics, sociology) and realms (e.g. policy-making, sustainable development, urban planning, green building). However, recent research indicate that it is necessary to consider the affordability and the sustainability of housing as complementary and interrelated aspects which need to be addressed with a transdisciplinary approach, by combining academic disciplines and engaging non-academic sectors in a common production of knowledge. Ten academic beneficiaries and twelve non-academic partner organisations will jointly contribute to creating a transdisciplinary research environment which encompasses the various disciplines, sectors and stakeholders involved in the provision of A&S housing. Fifteen ESRs research works will interlink three key areas underpinning affordable and sustainable housing: 1. Design, planning and building; 2. Community participation; and 3. Policy and financing. ESRs trained in this programme will be able to develop a capacity to operate across fields and sectors, to provide innovative solutions to the growing housing problem affecting our societies.

Outputs & resources


Paio, A., Pereira, S.M., António Brito Guterrres & Rato, V. (2017). Lisbon Workshop: Contemporary Living Patterns in Mass Housing in Europe . In Leandro Madrazo (Ed.), Global Dwelling Intertwining Research, Community Participation and Pedagogy . (pp. 321-333). Barcelona : School of Architecture La Salle Ramon Llull University .


D'C-IUL Team:

Alexandra Paio, Androniki Pappa, Carolina Peñuela, Vasco Rato

External Team:

Supervisors: Núria Martí; Anna Martínez; Adriana Diaconu; Jean-Cristophe Dissart; Paulette Duarte; Karim Hadjri; Krzysztof Nawratek; Gojko Bezovan; Ivan Rimac; Zoran Šućur; Adrienne Csizmady; Gábor Csanádi; Nadia Charalambous; Andreas Savvides; Carla Sentieri; Ignacio Guillen; Marietta Haffner; Marja Elsinga; Joris Hoekstra; Gerard van Bortel; Flora Samuel; Lorraine Farrelly
Early Stage Researchers: Annette Davis, Saskia Furman, Christophe Verrier, Aya Elghandour, Mahmoud Alsaeed, Marko Horvat, Anna Martin, Andreas Panagidis, Effrosyni Roussou, Zoe Tzika, Tijn Croon, Alex Fernandez, Leonardo Ricaurte


Habitação; Sustentabilidade, Europa

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