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José Maria Castro Caldas

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Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

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Governance, Economy and Citizenry

BECOM- A escolha apesar da incomensurabilidade: controvérsias e tomada de decisão pública acerca do desenvolvimento territorial sustentével


This project is meant to explore decision making devices and their role in dealing with conflicts between (incommensurable) values as they arise in the process of public decision-making concerning the sustainability of projects with major impact on environment. Our contribution is rather directed towards a better understanding of how devices supporting public decision address issues of incommensurability in situations of normative and epistemic uncertainty. In particular, based on the research results, we will work at pointing out some features of the devices (instruments and procedures) best suited to help transforming incommensurability in an opportunity for democratic debate concerning collective goals and means to pursue them. This theoretical and empirical exploration is meant to develop a critical analysis of both the relevance of devices of decision in shaping public decision processes in socio-technical controversies and the pros and cons of the specific way in which they help in dealing with normative and epistemic uncertainty.

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