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Webinar - Cultural & creative industries

Cultural & creative industries Co:llaborate to Co:create

WEBINAR Wednesday 3rd June 2020 10:45 to 12:30 CET (9:45 to 11:30 GMT+1)

Started in 2008, 4HCREAT project aims to encourage and support innovation in the creative and cultural industries. This capitalisation webinar will share the results and good practices developed in the project. 4HCREAT partners have explored the user centric innovation and open innovation model within Creative and Cultural sector. The project was particularly interested in the involvement of Generation-Z (15-25) and the use of digital technology in the innovation process.

10:45 – Introduction – 4HCREAT project and tomorrow…

Colin Combe – Caledonian Glasgow University

11:00 - Upgrading the R+D+I of Institutions and CCI companies to supply the demands of «Generation Z» consumers Presentation of the results of the survey and the Joint-market strategy on demand-drive innovation

Yvan Corbat – DEX Group

11:20 - How to improve innovation in the cultural and creative sector? Presentation of good practices in Atlantic Area

Valerie Moreau – Laval Mayenne Technopole

11:40 - The influence of «Generation Z» in Cultural and Creative Industries Presentation of a study on the influence of Generation Z (as consumers, employees, entrepreneurs…) in cultural and creative industries.

Juan Vilanova - EleaDesarrollo

12:00 - Cultural and Creative Industries and Knowledge Production

Ana Rita Cruz – ISCTE Instituto Universitário de Lisboa

4HCREAT project is co-funded by the Atlantic Area Programme. Led by the Caledonian Glasgow University, the project comprises 7 partners from across the Atlantic region.


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