Sustainable Innovation and Regional Development Rethinking Innovative Milieus

Title: Kebir, L., Crevoisier, O., Costa, P., Peyrache-Gadeau, V., (2017) Sustainable Innovation and Regional Development Rethinking Innovative Milieus, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, ISBN: 978-1-78471-220-4 .

Date: 2017

Publisher: Edward Elgar


Publication type: Book

Research Project: N.A.

Abstract: This book questions the way contemporary innovation processes develop and become embedded in territories. It analyses recent developments in territorial systems of production, networks of innovation and innovative milieus, with regard to the issue of sustainable development. Drawing on 12 case studies aimed at fostering sustainable development and conducted by an experienced team of international scholars, a new conceptual approach to sustainable innovation is proposed. More broadly, it also reassesses the development models proposed in the 1980s that emerged in the context of globalization, competitiveness and technological innovation.

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