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Researcher and urban artist exhibit artistic project

The exhibition Do Tirar Polo Natural (On Portraiture From Life) opening will be held on 28th at 6:30 p.m. in the National Museum of Ancient Art and includes artistic object by António Brito Guterres and Vhils. António Brito Guterres and Vhils were invited by the National Museum of Ancient Art to participate in this exhibition with the elaboration of an artistic object about the memory and affection of the spaces of the city that cease to exist, in the specific case about the 6 de Maio neighborhood. With the collaboration of the residents, a part of a wall from the neighborhood was removed, framing it in the museum to tell stories about travel, immigration, daily life, sustenance, citizenship, resistance, etc. The work will be auctioned to finance people in the neighborhood in difficulty, with difficulty accessing housing, legal issues, etc.

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