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Open Cloister – Opening Activity of the transSHERITAGE Project – 24th February 2024

On February 24th, the first activity of the transHERITAGE project took place, with the community of Torrão. The population joined the event, with 40 people participating in the morning and 60 in the afternoon, manly local inhabitants, but also outsiders who did not miss the opportunity to visit a usually inaccessible space.

The activity consisted of 2 visits to the Convent of Nossa Senhora da Graça (currently undergoing renovation and restoration work): one at 11am, guided by Gonçalo Leandro, responsible for its restoration, who explained the archaeological works taking place and highlighted the frescoes already visible in the church, clarifying the restoration options implemented; at 3pm, it was up to Carlos Veloso to unveil a little of what is the architectural project, of which he is the author. The end of the activity consisted of a circle of exchange of memories, experiences, and stories from the convent (and other religious spaces of the parish) among participants (the local inhabitants), that shared, for instance, stories of films viewed in the cinema (which occupied, at one point, the church area), and the possibility of the existence of a tunnel connecting the convents. These were 2 moments for the community to meet and share memories, creating the possibility of building a history of this place.


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