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New European Bauhaus Festival

The New European Bauhaus Festival is underway! It's happening in Brussels from today until Sunday, but many side events are available virtually. One of these is the event produced and organized by a team at DINÂMIA'CET-Iscte, led by Joana Pestana Lages.

*40x4' CoDesign Views*

‘Co-Design Views’ is conceived as an online marathon live event that showcases 40 perspectives on design collaboration, context and significance to provide a southern panorama from a peripheral European country. Portugal has a long collaborative design experience in housing and the built environment, from bottom-up initiatives led by communities to public programmes promoted by central and local authorities. The plan is to live interview for precisely four minutes each of the 40 selected architects, designers, urban planners, activists, or artists to discuss what co-design is. In this way, many views, procedures, and techniques relevant to making the New European Bauhaus a reality will be collected and conserved, providing a significant input from Portugal’s experience.

Take a look:


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