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Margarida Fontes is researcher at the National Laboratory for Energy and Geology (LNEG) in Portugal and associate researcher at DINAMIA’CET-IUL. She has a PhD in Management of Innovation from the University of Manchester. Her main research interests are knowledge dynamics, sustainability transitions and scientific entrepreneurship. She conducts research on the process of knowledge production and dissemination in emerging fields (biotechnology; ICT; renewable energies), with particular emphasis on the roles played by new firms and by scientists; and on networks as locus of knowledge circulation and innovation. She has published and participated in national and international research projects in these fields.

Research Interests

Innovation and Knowledge

Main Projects

TESS - Transição para um sistema ambientalmente sustentável: O papel das empresas baseadas na investigação na comercialização das tecnologias energéticas emergentes. Projecto financiado pela FCT (2011-2014).

PICO - Academic entrepreneurship, from knowledge creation to knowledge diffusion – STREP projecto financiado pelo 6º Programa Quadro da Comissão Europeia. Investigadora responsável pela participação portuguesa. (2006-2008).

PRIME - Policies for Research and Innovation in the Move Towards the European Research Area - Rede de Excelência no âmbito do 6º Programa Quadro da Comissão Europeia, coordenado por ARMINES (2004-2008).

Main Publications

Fontes, M., C. Videira and T. Calapez (2013) The impact of long term scientific mobility on the creation of persistent knowledge networks, Mobilities, 8(3): 440-465.

Salavisa, I. and M. Fontes (Eds.) (2012) Social Networks, Innovation and the Knowledge Economy, Routledge

Conceição, O., Fontes, M. and Calapez, T. (2012) The commercialisation decisions of research-based spin-off: targeting the market for technologies, Technovation 32(1): 43-56.

Mustar, P., M. Renault, M. Colombo, E. Piva, M. Fontes, A. Lockett, M. Wright, B. Clarysse and N. Moray (2006) Conceptualising the heterogeneity of research-based spin-offs: A multidimensional taxonomy, Research Policy 35(2): 289-308.

Fontes, M. and R. Coombs (2001) "Contribution of New Technology-based Firms to the Strengthening of Technological Capabilities in Intermediate Economies", Research Policy 30 (1): 79-97.

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