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Luiz Henrique Lemos has a multidisciplinary background. He holds a PhD in Urban and Regional Planning and a Masters degree in Business Management. He also studied Architecture in Brazil and Portugal. His professional experience includes 10 years of dedication to the academic sector. As coordinator and professor, he has shared the experience and knowledge gained during the 12 years he has worked in Brazilian and multinational retail companies. This knowledge encompasses the real estate market for business, real estate investment, the relationships between the urban space and the forms of consumption and the retail business. Luiz Henrique has also worked for three years in the public sector, at the Department of Planning and Management of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Research Interests

Sustainability of cities; Geographic mobility and accessibility; Economic activities in urban space; Real estate market

Main Projects

Main Publications

LEMOS, Luiz H. C.; MIGUELES, C. P.. Positioning of high prestige retail brands: spatial location and symbolic universe of the elite in the city of Rio de Janeiro. In: Carmen Migueles. (Org.). Antropologia do Consumo: casos brasileiros. 1ªed. Rio de Janeiro: FGV Publishing House, 2007, v. , P. 131-153. LEMOS, Luiz H. C .. Reproduction of the Elites, Consumption and Organization of Urban Space: Comparative Issues between Barra da Tijuca and the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Cadernos EBAPE.BR (FGV), Rio de Janeiro, v. II, n.2, p. 01-10, 2004. LEMOS, Luiz H. C.; MIGUELES, C. P.; VIEIRA, M.M.F. Social space and consumption: elements for analysing the relationship between symbolic capital and market positioning of high - prestige stores in Rio de Janeiro. Comunicação, Mídia e Consumo (São Paulo), São Paulo, v. 1, n.1, p. 74-99, 2004. LEMOS, Luiz H. C.. Consumption territories of high prestige: the holders of the symbolic capital and the positioning of the brands. In: IX Week of Urban and Regional Planning, 2003, Rio de Janeiro. Anais do IX Semana de Planejamento Urbano e Regional, 2003. VIEIRA, M. M. F.; LEMOS, Luiz H. C.. Symbolic capital and consumption: a study on the market positioning of high-prestige stores in the city of Rio de Janeiro. GESTÃO.Org. Electronic Journal of Organizational Management, Pernambuco, v. 1, n.2, p. 137-152, 2003.

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