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Governance, Economy and Citizenry

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Short Bio

Luís Junqueira is a researcher at MORE-PE at DINAMIA'CET and a doctoral candidate at ICS-UL (grant holder from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology). He obtained a BA in Anthropology at ISCTE-IUL and a MA in Sociology at FCSH-UNL. He previously worked at ICS-UL in the projects“Scientific Societies in Contemporary Science” and “Sociotechnical Consensus and Controversies on Renewable Energies".

Research Interests

Scientific collaboration; Science-society relations; Sustainability; Social Network Analysis; Digital Methods

Main Projects

- MObilization of REsources for Public Engagement with science and technology (MORE-PE)

Main Publications

Junqueira, Luis; Delicado, Ana; Truninger, Mónica. Paisagem, tecnologia e desenvolvimento local: a central solar da Amareleja. Sociologia, Problemas e Práticas, n. 83, p. 137-156, 2017.

Ana Delicado; Mónica Truninger; Elisabete Figueiredo; Luís Silva; Junqueira, Luis; Filipa Soares; Susana Fonseca; Maria João Nunes; Ana Horta. Terras de Sol e de Vento. Dinâmicas sociotécnicas e aceitação social das energias renováveis. 1. ed. Lisboa: Imprensa de Ciências Sociais, 2015.

Ana Delicado; Junqueira, Luis; Susana Fonseca; Mónica Truninger; Luís Silva; Elisabete Figueiredo. Not in Anyone's Backyard? Civil Society Attitudes towards Wind Power at the National and Local Levels in Portugal. Science & Technology Studies, v. 27, n. 2, p. 49-71, 2014.

Ana Delicado; Raquel Rego; Cristina Palma Conceição; Inês Pereira; Junqueira, Luis. What Roles for Scientific Associations in Contemporary Science?. Minerva, v. 54, n. 4, p. 439-465, 2014.

Ana Delicado; Raquel Rego; Inês Pereira; Cristina Palma Conceição; Junqueira, Luis. Ciência, Profissão e Sociedade. Associações Científicas em Portugal. 1. ed. Lisboa: Imprensa de Ciências Sociais, 2013.

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