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Listen to the Convent – TRANSHERITAGE Project – 9th of March 2024

The second activity of the TRANSHERITAGE project – “Listen to the Convent” – took place at Espaço AQUI (Convento da Terra – Torrão), on the 9th of March, bringing together the Portuguese and Norwegian (from Fana) teams and counting, once more, with the active participation of the local community.

The day was divided into three distinct moments. In the morning, a video showed footage of the “Claustro Aberto” activity, which took place on the 24th of February, allowing another moment of sharing and documenting memories within the community, and to build a Memory Atlas of these spaces. Fana's team also took the opportunity to present their territory and to get in touch with the Portuguese reality. After lunch, a co-creation workshop was facilitated, promoting a debate and a reflection of ideas for rehabilitating and recovering the religious heritage of the village, as well as creating a space for dialogue and for constructing proposals for these spaces. In the evening, the organization invited participants to attend two performances in the old church of the Convento de Nossa Senhora da Graça: one by Carolina Vasconcelos and another, of local songs, by the cante alentejano female choir from the senior university.

The three moments allowed in-depth reflection on the religious heritage of Torrão, demonstrating its importance on building collective memory and an identity for the community.


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