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B.A. in Biology (ISA/UL) and Master in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (FCUL/UL), with experience in data analysis, particularly in survival analysis. Knowledge in management and processing of biological data, programming, geographic information systems (QGIS, SAGA, GRASS and R) and univariate and multivariate statistics using mainly the R environment.

Research Interests

Statistical Programming; Geographic Information Systems; Computational Biology; Applied Ecology;

Main Projects

“Mobilisation of REsources for Public Engagement with science and technology” (MORE_PE)” (PTDC/IVCCOM/0290/2014)

Main Publications

Catry, I., Marcelino, J., Franco, A.M.A., Moreira, F. Landscape determinants of European roller foraging habitat: implications for the definition of agri-environmental measures for species conservation (2016). doi:10.1007/s10531-016-1241-4

Dias, F. S., Miller, D. L., Marques, T. A., Marcelino, J., Caldeira, M. C., Orestes Cerdeira, J., & Bugalho, M. N. (2016). Conservation zones promote oak regeneration and shrub diversity in certified Mediterranean oak woodlands. Biological Conservation, 195, 226-234. 10.1016/j.biocon.2016.01.009

Martins, J., Domingos, C., Nunes, R., Marcelino, J., Garcia, A., Mateus, C. & Figueiredo, E. (2014). Circadian rhythm of adult emergence in the tiger-fly Coenosia attenuata (Diptera: Muscidae). Ecologi@, 7, 77-82. ISSN: 1647-2829

Mateus, C., Martins, J., Ramos, A.C., Brás, P., Matos, O., Seabra, S.G., Paulo, O.S., Franco, J., Rebelo, M.T., Nunes, R., Marcelino, J., Garcia, A., Brás, P., Martins, R., Figueiredo, E. (2014) Project FLYPRED - Has tiger-fly a role in biological control of protected crops? Ecologi@ 7:95-96.

Santos S., Martins, J., Marcelino, J., Mateus, C. Figueiredo, E. (2013). What do tiger-fly larvae (Diptera: Muscidae) eat?. Communications in agricultural and applied biological sciences, 78(2), 333-337.

Marcelino, J., Moreira, F., Mañosa, S., Cuscó, F., Morales, M.B., García de la Morena, E. L., Bota, G., Palmeirim, J.M., Silva, J.P. Long term tracking study of the little bustard in Iberia shows high anthropogenic mortality. – submetido a Bird Conservation International

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