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ISABEL MARIA PIMENTEL DE CARVALHO GUERRA Retired Aggregated Professor at the Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (IUL/ISCTE), lecturer in the disciplines of Urban Sociology, Territorial Sociology ,Methods and Techniques for Evaluation and Planning. Former Teacher University professor of the University Catholic of Lisbon (UCP).She has a long curriculum of research in mainly in urban sociology, housing, education, social policies and social exclusion. The experience of inquiry and contracts has been carried through in the scope of the Research Center for Socio-Economic and Territorial Change (DINÂMIA'CET-IUL) of which is member of the Board since 1982. Its areas of work are the urban and social questions, namely the planning, urban social development, social housing, stakeholders strategies in context of social change, social exclusion. She has professional experience in planning , and strategic planning in regional and municipal level, in housing issue namely in the analysis of housing needs, housing policies, regional housing plans.

Research Interests

- Urban Sociology

- Housing

- Social Policies

Main Projects

Scientific coordinator of the Project, Strategic Plan of Housing for Argel wilaya , financing Expo Park, Participation of Madalena Matos and Manish Fernandes, 2009/2010.Scientific Director of the Research Residential Trajectories and Metropolisation: continuities and changes in Lisbon Metropolitan Area, funding FCT, 2010/2013

Scientific coordinator of the International Project, Financed by European Community and directed by Sege Paugamm, Qualitative study on coping strategies in the Crisis: How do Portuguese citizens cope with the economic shock , Julho de 2013 a Dezembro de 2013

Main Publications

Alexandra Castro, Isabel Guerra (coords.) 2010, the Paths of the Poverty: social profiles and policies in the city of Lisbon, Edition Saint House of the Mercy.

Teresa Costa Pinto, Isabel Guerra, Marta Martins, Sara Almeida, Alda Gonçalves, 2010, In the surface of the water : social needs in Portugal, emergent tradition and trends, Ed. Tinta da China /Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.

Isabel Carvalho Guerra, 2000, Foundations and Processes of a Sociology for Action: Planning in Social Sciences, Lisbon, Estoril, Ed. Principia

Isabel Carvalho War, 2006, Participation and Collective Action - Interests, Conflicts and consensuses, Estoril, Ed. Principia

Isabel Carvalho Guerra, 2006, Qualitative research and Qualitative research and content analysis: directions and forms of use, Estoril, Principia

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