Investimento Imobiliário Global em Londres

Conference will be held in English


Investimento Imobiliário Global em Londres

10 de Maio | 10h00 | Aud. B103 – Ed. II | ISCTE-IUL

Coordenação: Sandra Marques Pereira Organização: DAU-IUL | DINÂMIA’CET-IUL Face à crise de acessibilidade de habitação em Londres, o Mayor da cidade, Sadiq Khan solicitou em 2016 à London School of Economics um estudo sobre investimento imobiliário global. O estudo, intitulado The role of overseas investors in the London new-build residential market, da autoria de Kath Scanlon, Christine Whitehead and Fanny Blanc foi concluído em Maio de 2017.

Os resultados deste estudo serão apresentados no dia 10 de Maio, às 10h00 no ISCTE-IUL, por uma das suas autoras, Kath Scanlon.


Kath Scanlon

Assistant Professorial Research Fellow at LSE London

Kath Scanlon is Assistant Professorial Research Fellow at LSE London. She has a wide range of research interests including comparative housing policy (across all tenures–social and private rented housing as well as owner-occupation), comparative mortgage finance, and migration. Her research is grounded in economics but also draws on techniques and perspectives from other disciplines including geography and sociology, and aims at improving the evidence base for policy decisions at national or local level. Since 2015 she has focused on ways of accelerating new housing development in London, looking at a range of solutions from cohousing and other collaborative approaches to the potential of large-scale private rented schemes. She recently edited an authoritative book on Social Housing in Europe (Wiley, 2014). Kath has worked with a number of national and international institutions including the Council of Europe Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and Denmark’s Realdania foundation. She has lived and worked in the USA, Spain, Denmark, Yugoslavia, Kuwait and Peru, and speaks Spanish, Italian, Serbian, Danish and a bit of French.

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