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Gustavo Sugahara has as main research interest the interface between population aging and economic science. Economist at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (Brazil) and Master in Economics and Political Policies from the University Institute of Lisbon (Portugal), he is a PhD student at the University College of Oslo and Akershus (Norway) where he develops a research project on paper Technology in the promotion of cities that are friendly to the elderly. In addition to DINAMIA'CET-IUL, it collaborates regularly with HelpAge International and the Institute for Socioeconomic Studies (Mocambique). Gustavo Sugahara was a parliamentary advisor to the Portuguese Parliament and a consultant to various international organizations, such as the World Bank and the United Nations Development Program.

Research Interests

Aging, Economy, Cities

Main Projects

Age Smart Oslo

Pensão Universal para Idosos em Moçambique: Pertinência, Viabilidade e Sustentabilidade

Creatcity (encerrado)

Main Publications

Francisco, Antonio; Sugahara, Gustavo; Fisker, Peter (2013). Growing old in Mozambique: Dynamics of well-being and poverty. ISBN: 978-989-8464-18-7. 66 s. IESE.

Costa, Pedro; Magalhães, Miguel; Vasconcelos, Bruno; Sugahara, Gustavo (2012). O meio urbano e a génese da Criatividade. Borges, Vera Costa, Pedro (Red.), Criatividade e Instituições: Novos desafios à vida dos artistas e dos profissionais da cultura. Part II, chapter 6. s. 121-149.

Francisco, Antonio; Sugahara, Gustavo (2012). Idosos em Moçambique – Romper a Conspiração do Silêncio. Desafios para Moçambique 2012. Part III. s. 295-332.

Lopes Sugahara, Gustavo Toshiaki (2010). O envelhecimento populacional pode tornar-se estímulo de vantagem competitiva territorial?. Revista Kairós. Vol. 10.

Costa, Pedro; Magalhães, Miguel; Vasconcelos, Bruno; Lopes Sugahara, Gustavo Toshiaki (2007). A Discussion on the governance of 'Creative Cities': Some insights for policy action. Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift. Vol.

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