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Florinda Matos is PhD in Social Sciences, Organizational Behavior Studies by Technical University of Lisbon. She has a master's degree in business sciences by ISCTE - IUL Business School, an Engineer's degree, in Agricultural Engineering and a Licentiate degree in Management of Agricultural Business by Polytechnic Institute of Santarém. She is member of the scientific committee of several international conferences, where she has participated as a track chair. She has more than 30 published academic articles, papers, book chapters and scientific specialized journals, related to knowledge management, intellectual capital and innovation.Currently, she is ICAA’s (Intellectual Capital Accreditation Association) president and she is leading the ICLab® – Research Center in Intellectual Capital.

Research Interests

Knowledge Management, Intellectual Capital, Measuring of Intangibles, Marketing Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Main Projects

Cities Intellectual Capital Management System (CICMS)

RICDSS - Regional Intellectual Capital Development Support System

Modelos de Scoring da Gestão do Capital Intelectual

ICMA Project - Intellectual Capital Management AccreditationGlobal Knowledge Network Project

Main Publications

Matos F., Rony D., Heisig P. (2016) Knowledge Management as a Factor for the Formulation and Implementation of Organization Strategy, Journal of Knowledge Management, DOI: 10.1108/JKM-02-2016-0068.

Matos F. (2015) Cities Auditing Model. In Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics, and Telecommunications Engineering. Internet of Things Infrastructures. 1. ed. India: Springer Computer Science Editorial.

Matos F., Cabrita M.R., Cabrita C., Dueñas M. P. (2015) Entrepreneurship Capital and Regional Development: A Perspective Based on Intellectual Capital. In Rui Baptista & João Leitão. Entrepreneurship, Human Capital, and Regional Development. 1. ed. Suíça: Springer International Publishing , v. 1, p. 15-28.

Matos F., Cabrita M. R., Cruz-Machado V. (2014) How to Make Eco-innovation a Competitive Strategy: A Perspective on the Knowledge-Based Development. In Susana Garrido Azevedo, Marcus Brandenburg, Helena Carvalho, Virgílio Cruz-Machado. Eco-Innovation and the Development of Business Models Lessons from Experience and New Frontiers in Theory and Practice. 1. ed. Suíça: Springer, v. 2, p. 39-53.

Matos, F. (2013). Intellectual Capital Management: From Theoretical Model to a Practice Model. In Lidia Garcia, Arturo Rodriguez- Castellanos and Jon Barrutia- Guenaga (Ed.): Proceedings of the 5rd European Conference on Intellectual Capital (1), 11 – 12 April 2013 (279 – 289). Spain. Bilbao, University of the Basque Country: Academic Publishing Limited.

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