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Holds a PhD in Economics from ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon, Portugal and University of Bourgogne, Dijon, France. She is a professor in the Department of Political Economy and a member of the DINÂMIA'CET-IUL. She is the Director of the Master's in Human Resource Development Policies and coordinates the human resources sub-area at DINAMIA'CET-IUL. Her research has focused on the employment relationship, skills, wage policies of companies and labor market flexibility. She has coordinated projects in the field of skill-seeking and wagepolicies, and has participated in other projects as a team member, especially on domestic work.

Research Interests

Economics of education and skills; human resource economics

Individual Medium Term Research Programme

The role of the companies in the labor market (MT): - Analyze the importance of competences in the qualified and unskilled TM. - Analyze how companies affect the supply of skills. It is a question of exploring the change in the role of companies as a passive player of competency recipient for an active role as a privileged interlocutor in the construction of competences, especially at the level of higher education. - Analyze the association between the employment relation and the acquisition of competences, as well as the impact of this association on the phenomena of TM, especially the segmentation of TM and vulnerability of certain categories.

The research program assumes the company as an actor that responds to the regulations but also creates its own rules to obtain the necessary competencies. These responses and rules make certain categories vulnerable, which are affected by poor quality jobs, while others benefit from their stock of key skills to access jobs of quality and stability that are crucial to corporate growth and sustainability.

Main Projects

Domestic work and domestic workers project, coordinated by Lisa Tortell and Pierre Guibentif (2007-2010), founded by FCT – PTDC/JUR/65622/2006.

FLEX- Flexible wages for flexible contracts? The dynamics of the relationship between wage policy and employment contracts at the firm level, (2010-2013) founded by FCT – PTDC/EGE-ECO/108547/2008

Main Publications

Figueriredo, Conceição, Suleman, Fátima e Botelho, Maria do Carmo (2016) Workplace abuse and harassment: The vulnerability of informal and migrant domestic workers in Portugal, Social Policy and Society, https://doi.org/10.1017/S1474746416000579.

Lagoa, Sérgio e Suleman, Fátima (2016) Industry- and occupation-specific human capital: evidence from displaced workers, International Journal of Manpower, 37: 1, 44-68.

Suleman, Fátima (2015) The employment relationship in an (almost) structureless labour market: the case of domestic work, Cambridge Journal of Economics 39 (3): 733-750.

Sgobbi, Francesca and Suleman, Fátima (2015) The value of transferable skills, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 62(4): 378–399.

Suleman, Fátima (2012) The impact of skills and performance on earnings: the evidence from retail bankers, International Journal Human Resource Management, 23 (11): 2205-2220

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