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Evaluation of the Microcredit Policy Measure in the Autonomous Region of the Azores

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Cresaçor (Cooperativa Regional de Economia Solidária, CRL), as Microcredit Agency for the Region of the Azores, developed an evaluation study of the policy measure Microcredit known as Inclusive Entrepreneurship and Microcredit in the Autonomous Region of the Azores. Beyond the evaluation of this policy measure, the study developed also a self-evaluation exercise concerning the role of the Agency in implementing the policy measure. Dinâmia-CET supported this evaluation and self-evaluation exercises.

The study showed: some loss of focus in targeting, high dependency on private banking criteria in acessing finance, new businesses highly dependent on past professional experience, low participation of young people without previous professional experience and strong role of informal relations in developing the business activity. The study also showed that the information concerning this policy measure is not widespread among the diferente sectors of government and relevant organizations as well as in the different islands.

Concerning policy recommendations the study stressed: distinguishing four phases for implementing the measure (animation, ‘skills balance’, business plan and access to finance), widening support measures to potential mothers facilitating entrepreneurship among women and developing awareness and spreading information about the policy measure among relevant organizations. The sudy also recommended to increase the role of local governments in facilitating formal procedures and access to space.

Period: 2015 - 2017

Funding Institution: AGECTA





Updated: 31/01/2018


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