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Andrea completed his PhD at the University of Westminster and is currently post-doc fellow at DINÂMIA’CET. He is assistant professor at the International Summer School on Urban Ethnography at the University of Trento, and co-editor at Non Liquet [The Westminster Online Working Papers]. Andrea is mostly interested in researching the way urban space is controlled, how order emerges, how disorder is kept at bay. His research draws from various areas such as critical geography, urban studies, legal theory, sociology and philosophy. At the moment he is exploring the relation between art and the urban (understood as a contingent locus, a material imaginary and a planetary process), from the angle of political and legal theory, geography and aesthetics.

Research Interests

Urban Geography, Legal Theory, Activism, Philosophy, Art

Individual Medium Term Research Programme

The recent ‘spatial turn’ in humanities deeply affected the fields of urban planning, security, marketing and law, modifying how urban space is perceived, designed, controlled. What is the relation between these changes and the social protests? How does urban space allow for, modify or prevent the expression of protests, and how protests in turn affect and modify its social and material form? The project addresses these questions through the lens of urban (art) interventions because of their potential for reformulating current normative relations and generating new ones, unlocking the conflictual substance of being-together and creating spaces of dissent.

This project intersects directly one of D’C’s three main area of research: ‘cities and territories’, complementing D’C’s ongoing study on the processes of socio-economical and territorial change with an innovative perspective which mixes political and legal theory, geography and aesthetics. The project complements D’C’s mission by seeking to provide it with theoretical depth, international scope (the project develops between Portugal and Brazil), academic width (building a transdisciplinary network of researchers and artists) and, finally, a specific attention to the dramatic socio-economical changes currently undergone by the city of Lisbon.

Main Projects

ATMOSPHERES OF DISSENT: Exploring the urban dimension of social protest: a Comparative Study

Main Publications

What is Urban Violence? [with Simone Tulumello], in Progress in Human Geography (2018)


Through thick and thin: Young people’s affective geographies in Brussels’ public space’ [with Mattias de Backer], in Emotion, Space and Society 27, 2018: 9-15.


Controlling Urban Event. Law, Space and the Material (Routledge, 2018) |


City of Unpleasant Feelings. Stress, Comfort and Animosity in Urban Life’ [with Andrea Mubi Brighenti], in Social and Cultural Geography, 2017


Resistant Legacies, Annals of Leisure Research 18 (4), 2015


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