«A cidade é o habitat da arte»: Street art e a construção do espaço público em Lisboa

Ágata Dourado Sequeira

Research Group: Cities and Territories

Supervisor(s): João Pedro Nunes


This research reveals the mechanisms under which street art is produced in Lisbon, as a form of construction of public space in this specific metropolitan context. Specifically, the objective is to understand how a public space can be constructed through the ways in which it relates to the city and the art it features publicly – particularly, street art, artistic and expressive manifestation of ephemeral nature. Being street art, at the present moment, the object of several distinct interventions in Lisbon, through not only the individual initiative of artists, but also through the programming efforts of associations, projects and the municipality, the hypothesis underlying this research is that the analysis of these contexts of production of street art in this metropolitan ambit allows to reveal not only different forms of conceiving and constructing the public urban space, but also tensions and conflicts about it. Therefore, this dissertation aims to focus on the processes of production of street art in Lisbon, based on a field work that, besides an extensive image and documentation collection, includes also a set of long interviews not only to the artists, to which the street is the main context of their artistic interventions, but to other actors connected to the programming of street art initiatives. Likewise, it will be possible to construct a reflexion about the mechanisms through which street art, as an opportunity these new contexts of production allow, and as specific ambit of creativity, connects with the construction of an artistic career, with the world of contemporary art and its markets.

Period: 2009-2016

Resources: http://hdl.handle.net/10071/11538

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