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2023 Annual EDITS Meeting

2023 Annual EDITS Meeting

Conference on improving wellbeing while avoiding dangerous climate change

7-9 November 2023

with side-events on 6 November and 10 November Lisbon, Portugal

The Energy Demand changes Induced by Technological and Social innovations (EDITS) initiative is an organic network of experts, who work together to deepen the understanding of demand-driven energy systems, energy and material demand projections based on technological-social-infrastructural interactions at global and granular levels, and their nexus with wellbeing and the SDGs. EDITS pursues collaborative research to identify gaps and potentials to enhance modeling, empirical analysis, and communication about demand-side solutions and an energy system transformation. The 2023 Annual Meeting EDITS is co-organized by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), the Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE), and the University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE). We live in times of urgency. The IPCC report released this year emphasized that to secure a livable and decent future, climate actions are urgently needed. All actors have to step-up their commitment, there are no excuses. Upscaling impactful and equitable measures will lead to smaller losses and damages, as well as to major benefits in wellbeing and other systems. EDITS members have already preceded the IPCC call by emphasizing that we need to move faster with dedicated topics. Accordingly, we have been pushing ahead with on-going long-term tasks, such as the model complementary exercise, while also advanced with selected key topics in a speedy manner as fast-track streams. It is time to engage more with other researchers and implementers.


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